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Aircraft change rules


Ticket and reservation

If the travel to your final destination consists of two or three successive flight segments, you may be able to obtain a lower fare if you split up your reservation and purchase a separate ticket for each flight segment. However, please note that travelling with separate tickets may lead to inconveniences and additional costs if your first flight is delayed or cancelled.


Travelling under one contract

If, for example, you book travel with SAS from Tromsø to Stavanger with change of aircraft in Oslo, SAS is liable for your travel all the way to Stavanger because you travel under a single contract with SAS.  This implies that you have certain rights if your incoming flight to Oslo is delayed and you are consequently too late for your booked onward flight from Oslo to Stavanger.  In such cases SAS will rebook you to Stavanger on our first available flight. Based on the length of time you must wait, SAS will offer you meals and hotel accommodation, even in circumstances where SAS could not have avoided the delay (even if all measures had been taken that could reasonably be required to avoid the delay) for instance when SAS cannot operate due to bad weather conditions.


Travelling with separate tickets

By the same example, if you book travel with SAS from Tromsø to Stavanger, but choose to purchase tickets flight segment by flight segment, Tromsø-Oslo and then Oslo-Stavanger, the tickets for your travel may turn out cheaper than if you travel under one contract. However, please be aware that you do not have the same rights if irregularities should occur as when you travel under one contract. You do not have the right to be rebooked to another flight if SAS has taken all measures that can reasonably be required to avoid the delay.  Likewise, you do not have the same right to meals and hotel accommodation if you arrive too late for your subsequent flight departure.  It is therefore very important that you allow yourself ample time between scheduled arrival and scheduled departure, including sufficient time to pick up and re-check your baggage, and to submit yourself to new check-in and security procedures, all within the given time limits for your further travel.

If you have purchased a ticket with SAS and your successive flight is on a separate ticket with another airline, you must have allowed yourself minimum three hours between scheduled flight arrival with SAS and scheduled flight departure with another carrier from Norwegian airports (these three hours do not, however, apply between SAS flights and Widerøe flights). Such planned minimum connection time between scheduled SAS flight arrival and scheduled departure with another carrier must be established before SAS will consider rebooking you to one of our own flights, or consider compensation for your lost subsequent flight (such compensation always limited to your actual and documented loss). However, such eventual compensation is only applicable if it can be proven that SAS could have avoided the delay, - reference made to conventions and domestic air law.