Stay connected in the air, keep track of the latest updates on your social media, surf or catch up on work.

Enjoy free Wifi

  • When traveling in SAS Business.

  • If you’re a EuroBonus Diamond or Gold member traveling in SAS Go or SAS Plus

Access to SAS’ website, the SAS App and scandinaviantraveler.com is always free on all flights within Europe and on A321LR long- haul aircrafts.

Detailed information

  • The majority of SAS’ European fleet is equipped with high speed WiFi, you can easily stream your favorite series, surf, email or use social media.

  • If your flight has WiFi, this will be communicated to you via text message prior to boarding provided that your mobile number is connected to the booking.

  • Payment is done by credit card or with EuroBonus points. EuroBonus Diamond and Gold members, enjoy free WiFi access.

  • WiFi is in most cases activated when we leave the gate and turned off when we arrive at our destination. However, some areas and countries do not permit WiFi transmissions and the system automatically discontinues the service over such areas. If so, WiFi will be available once in the air.

  • The A321LR long haul aircraft is equipped with high speed WiFi and is the latest addition to SAS’ long haul fleet. The remaining part of SAS’ long haul fleet, consisting of A330 and A350 aircrafts, is equipped with a lower speed WiFi. You will be able to chat, read emails, use social media and surf, but the system is not strong enough for streaming. For the comfort of all passengers, the use of WiFi services to call, including the use of VoIP calls through services such as Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp are not allowed.

  • Payment is done by credit card or with EuroBonus points. Travelers in SAS Business as well as EuroBonus Diamond and Gold members, get WiFi access for free.

  • The service will be activated around 20 minutes after takeoff and will be de-activated when we start our descent. There will be some outages along the route when the system changes from one satellite to another, and on very northern flights over Greenland.

  • One of our aircrafts is waiting to be equipped, the rest of SAS intercontinental fleet has WiFi. The aircraft affected is A330E with registration SE-REH.

3G mobile network

  • SAS’ 3G mobile network is enabled on most flights to/from Asia and the US operated by the Airbus 330.

  • With the 3G network, you can use internet on your mobile device through the mobile data service. Just make sure your provider is partnered with AeroMobile. You can use the AeroMobile roaming network by disabling flight mode when the aircraft is at cruising level.

  • The cost for mobile services (texting, phone calls and GPRS) is based on the roaming charges of your service provider. All data roaming is international and the costs will be added to your regular phone bill. When you turn off flight mode, your service provider will send you a text message with the prices for this service.