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- save to your phone and save time at the airport
Mobilt boardingpass

SAS mobilt boardingkort

    • If you include your mobile phone number when you make your booking, we will send you an SMS 22 hours before departure. The SMS contains a link to the SAS mobile portal where you can choose your seat, check in and download a mobile boarding pass. A mobile boarding pass can contain up to four flights.

    • You can also simply reply "Yes" to the SMS and you are checked in. A confirmation is sent directly to your mobile, including a link where you can download your mobile boarding pass.

    • Check in by SMS when you travel:
      • Within Scandinavia and Finland

      • From Scandinavia to Europe and the rest of the world

      • To Scandinavia from the following destinations

    • If you are checking in baggage, you can still use SMS check-in and collect your bag tags at the airport self-service kiosks.

    • Show your mobile boarding pass at security control, for lounge access (if applicable) and at the gate.

    • We send one SMS per booking for up to six passengers. The SMS can be forwarded to all other passengers on the booking for check-in.

    • If you are traveling from a Danish airport, you must show your mobile boarding pass while passing security control in Copenhagen. This applies to all airports in Denmark, even if a boarding pass is not required for the final destination.

    • To download a mobile boarding pass, your mobile phone must have Internet access. Have your mobile phone and boarding pass accessible ahead of time. You can also save the boarding pass image locally on your phone. If you cannot use your phone at the airport, you can print a new boarding pass from a SAS self-service kiosk or check-in counter. If you need a new boarding pass at an airport in Denmark, it can only be picked up at a check-in counter.

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