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Reserving your SAS ticket has never been both easier and faster! Just log in and complete your booking in 3 easy steps with all the relevant information already stored on your phone. You can even save up to three of your most used credit cards. If you have EuroBonus points to spend, but not enough for a full ticket, you can combine them! Pay for part of the ticket with your points and the rest by credit card. Choose between SEK, NOK, DKK, EUR and GBP for payment in your personal settings menu.

Check in
We will show you if one or several of your flights are open for check-in on the start screen. From there, it's easy to choose your favorite seat and access your boarding pass in just a few taps.

Airports that support SAS app check-in

Passbook boarding pass
If you have an iPhone, you can download your boarding pass to Passbook. You have access to your boarding pass on the lock screen when you need it that you can easily open by dragging the SAS logo on the right. The boarding pass is displayed without you having to unlock the phone and is always shown with full brightness on the display for easy reading of the bar code.

Log in

Your SAS EuroBonus profile enables you to access all the information automatically loaded onto your phone. To ensure your information is securely stored, you must use a personal SAS app PIN code. If you're not a SAS EuroBonus member yet, don’t miss out and join today!

My SAS page
From the start screen, view your boarding passes, bookings and EuroBonus balance directly, as well as the check-in status of your flight and revised departure times.

Access your account to check on your status, points balance and expiry and your latest transactions.

Flight changes
In case you need to change your booking, it’s easy and already integrated in the check-in flow.

My bookings
Including your SAS EuroBonus number in every booking you make will allow you to use the SAS app for checking in and retrieving your mobile app boarding pass every time you travel.

Flight status
See if your departure is on time. Search by flight number or city.

SAS info
In this section, we open up a little more of the world of SAS to you. Find recent social media info about new destinations or allow us to answer any questions you may have about your flight.



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