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  • Enjoy Scandinavian design in new lounges. Indulge in our delicious buffet, our fresh crisp salads, a plate of cheese and the new wines on offer. Our lounges offer smart office space, free WiFi, a wide selection magazines and newspapers and plenty of comfortable armchairs. Some of Scandinavia’s best architects and designers are behind the new interiors - after all, Scandinavian design is world-famous. There is no better way to pass the time before a flight than at our lounges!

  • Need a meeting space at the airport? At our Copenhagen lounge, you can book a fully equipped conference room for up to 14 people. To book the room, click on the link below, or ring + 45 323 24 103. Book SAS conference room

  • For our youngest guests, we have a dedicated kids lounge in our Copenhagen and London lounges.

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