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The program

  • SAS’ House of Scandinavia will be home to a number of exciting events, speakers and musical performances.

    Here you will get an overview of the program we present in collaboration with our partners. All events are taking place at House of Scandinavia at Waller Creek Boathouse, 74 Trinity St, Austin.

Thursday 12 March

  • House of Scandinavia Opening Party

    Thursday 12 March at 18.00–22.00

    Welcome to the official opening party at House of Scandinavia at SXSW 2020. Come enjoy an evening with good music, snacks and the unveiling of the original Edvard Munch masterpience Man and Woman.

Friday 13 March

  • Sustainable trust – a Nordic approach to digital trust and sustainability

    ICT Norway

    Friday at 9.00–10.00


    Nordic talks LIVE podcast

    Council of Nordic ministers

    Friday at 11.00–12.30


    Why is it important that temporary events should be sustainable?

    Roskilde, SAS

    Friday at 13.00–15.00

  • The story about Kadeau Restaurant


    Friday at 15.30–16.00

    Two Michelin star Danish restaurant Kadeau is running a unique pop-up restaurant for 5 days at House of Scandinavia during SXSW. Come and hear the success story behind Kadeau from Denmark.


  • Norwegian Social Mixer

    Norway's General consulate of Houston

    Friday from 17.00

    Norwegian Smart City Open Space between 17.30–18.30. Free flow group discussions on future living.

    The Norwegian Social Mixer between 19.00–22.00. A networking event for the international and Norwegian network in a laidback Austin atmosphere with good conversations, music, food and drinks.

See Edvard Munch original during SXSW

Experience an original Edvard Munch painting at House of Scandinavia! Titled Man and Woman, the artwork invites visitors to explore and reflect Edvard Munch’s universe, his ideas of the sexes and our existential relation to nature. Learn more about Edvard Munch and the picture in one of our daily popup presentations at 15.00 and 16.00. Lasting ten minutes, it will give you a concise yet rich introduction into one of the pioneers of modern art.

Read more about Edvard Munch at SXSW

Saturday 14 March

  • Scandinavia – the digital forefront of TV

    Roskilde, STV

    Saturday at 10.00–11.00

    Television worldwide is transitioning from linear to digital viewing! And Scandinavia is in the absolute forefront because broadband is available to most of the population. Join us when Peter Rosberg (Head of Planning & Scheduling at Public Broadcaster, Danmarks Radio) and Maria Thastum (CCO at the independent Danish production company, STV) explores how Scandinavia, and especially Denmark, have successfully met the new digital demands amongst viewers and how local Danish streaming services are able to maintain a substantial market share despite the fierce competition from global players like Netflix, HBO etc. The talk will also present and discuss the necessary new tools to work with content, promotion and publicizing.

  • Grow your own cloud


    Saturday at 13.00–14.15

    There is an urgent need to develop new types of data storage to reduce carbon emissions – this is what Grow Your Own Cloud is all about. Come meet the talented team behind Grow Your Own Cloud and join them in exploring the possibilities of DNA data storage applications for the music industry, from practical opportunities in music archival, and playback, to otherworldly nature inspired experiences, and even new music formats.

  • The sustainable healthcare corner of SXSW at House of Scandinavia

    Innovation Norway

    Saturday at 15.00-17.00

    Join the Royal Consulate General of Denmark and Innovation Norway in badge-free activities at the ULTRA cool House of Scandinavia at SXSW 2020 in Austin, Texas, and find yourself surrounded by the best of nordic sustainable innovation.

    Panel discussion: How can digital health and medtech solutions help shape a more sustainable healthcare system of tomorrow.

  • Aviation talks – SAS & Airbus


    Saturday at 17.30–18.30

Sunday 15 March

  • High seas in the high North – investing in fossil-free ocean transport

    ICT Norway

    Sunday at 9.00–10.00

  • Nordics raising business ambition for the global goals


    Sunday at 12.00–14.00

  • Nordic talks LIVE podcast

    Council of Nordic Ministers

    Sunday at 13.30–15.00

  • Nordics at SXSW 2020: Sustainable Smart Cities & Future Mobility

    Nordic Innovation and Nordic Edge

    Sunday at 17.00-19.30

    Introduction to the Nordics & Nordic Edge Summit with two panel discussions about the latest innovations and solutions in Smart Cities & Future Mobility. Organized by The Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley in co-operation with Nordic Edge & NordicLA.

  • Nordics at SXSW 2020: Networking Party

    Nordic Innovation and Nordic Edge

    Sunday 15 March from 19.30

    Come meet the Nordics! Networking event for Nordic startups, artists and everyone interested in the Nordics. Live music from the Nordics and US. Organized by The Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley in co-operation with Nordic Edge & NordicLA.


  • Music has always been a big part of Scandinavian culture, and House of Scandinavia is no different aiming to create unforgettable musical experiences. 

  • Lova (SE) 

    Thursday 12 March at 20.00


    Tje Austin (US)

    Thursday 12 March at 21.00


    Sir Woman (US)

    Friday 13 March at 20.00


    Timbuktu (SE)

    Thursday 12 March at 20.45


    Aaron McDonnell & the Neon Eagles (US)

    Saturday 14 March at 20.00


    Jordan Young Quartet (US)

    Saturday 14 March at 21.00

  • O Future (US)

    Sunday 15 March at 19.50


    Sarah Klang (SE)

    Sunday 15 March at 20.30


    Astrid Sonne (DK)

    Sunday 15 March at 21.30


    Nicklas Sahl (DK)

    Tuesday 17 March at 16.00


    Pom Poko (NO)

    Tuesday 17 March at 17.00

Monday 16 March

  • Collaboration for #Futuremobility


    Monday at 09.30–12.00

    The innovation community MobilityXlab presents how they together are bringing #FutureMobility closer together in the heart of Sweden’s Mobility Valley. You will be treated to a real "smörgåsbord" with a futurologist as keynote speaker, introduction to corporates and startups and two panel discussions on the topic #futuremobility.

  • Venture for #Futuremobility


    Monday at 13.00–15.00

    Listen to the venture arms of Volvo Cars, Volvo Group and Ericsson on the topic of:

    - Venture Capital & Future Mobility

    - Panel: Benefits of Corporate Venture Capital partners vs financial partners

    Speakers from Volvo Cars Tech Fund, & Volvo Group Venture Capital & Ericsson Ventures.

  • Pitch for #Futuremobility


    Monday at 17.00–19.00

    MobilityXlab want to shape #futuremobility together with the best scaleups and startups in the world.

    Join us at House of Scandinavia from 5pm and listen to startups pitching (5min each) and the panel of judges from: Ericsson, CEVT, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group & Zenuity.

  • Remember your roots: Why community sport is critical to elite sporting success


    Monday at 15.30-16.15

    Join us for a fireside chat with former speed-skater and four-time Olympic gold medalist, Johann Olav Koss; former NFL player, football coach, and passionate social entrepreneur, Marques D Anderson, and award-winning journalist, author and founder of the Aspen Institute’s Sports & Society Program, Tom Farrey, as we explore questions such as: How important are opportunities in grassroots sports when it comes to fostering elite talent? How did the early years influence the elite path and later success of world-class athletes such as Johann and Marques? What challenges are we facing in this space, and what can be done to overcome them? How is tech powering community sport and why does it matter?

    Moderated by Trine Falnes, COO, Spond. 

  • Scandinavian design mingle

    Stockholmsmässan, Takt & Vestre

    Monday at 19.15–20.30

Tuesday 17 March

  • Running an Art Museum the Scandinavian Way


    Tuesday at 9.00–9.45

    Stein Olav Henrichsen, director at Munchmuseet in Oslo and Petter Snare, director of KODE Bergen. Interviewed by Tonya Nelson, director of Arts Technology and Innovation at Arts Council England.

    Autumn of 2020, a brand new museum dedicated to the art of Edvard Munch opens on Oslo's seafront – overlooking the horizon that inspired The Scream and other famous paintings, and tailored to great art experiences both physical and digital. KODE Bergen has been for many years at the forefront of creating diverse and high quality art experiences, and both museums have a strong international appeal.

    As directors, Petter and Stein have led their museums to become powerhouses of Norwegian art. They have brought in international actors into their exhibitions and institutions while sharing what makes them genuinely Norwegian with the world. They have both internationalized their institutions and maintained and nurtured their Scandinavian identity. But what exactly does it mean to run an art museum the Scandinavian way? How do Scandinavians think about leadership, funding models, sponsoring, globalization and gender equality? Are women as boardroom leaders not more than a noble ideal or hard-fought reality in Scandinavian museums? And how do these Scandinavian characteristics relate to globalized trends in the sector? These and other questions will be addressed and discussed between Stein and Petter.

    Join us, if you are curious how leadership is done in the cold North!

  • Google & SAS – Marketing in a rapidly changing world


    Tuesday at 15.00–15.30

  • e-Sport Blast


    Tuesday at 11.00–11.20

  • Export Music Sweden match making (invite only)

    Export Music Sweden

    Tuesday at 11.30–13.30








  • The journey towrads becoming an Innovation Awards finalist at SXSW

    Arendse Oline Rohland

    Tuesday at 16.00–16.30