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Delhi is a thoroughly inscrutable onion of a city, every layer you peel off reveals a still deeper layer of history. Rebuilt eight times by its many conquerors, it has been the seat of the Hindu, Muslim and British Empires. Our city guide will help you to find out what's up and what the best tips are from SAS crew and passengers. 

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What's up in Delhi

Humayun’s Tomb
This incredible UNESCO-listed
tomb, built by Haji Begum, wife
of the second Mughal emperor
Humayun, is an early example
of the exquisite Islamic style that
reached its ulmination in the most
famous tomb on Earth, the
Taj Mahal.

A trendy New Delhi wine bar
that styles itself as a ‘Med
lounge bar’ – big comfy sofas,
Mediterranean cuisines and
funky visuals.

Old Fort (purana Qila)
This massive fortress with
three gateways stands on
the site of the ancient city
of Indraprastha, mentioned
in the Mahabharata Hindu
text, and is the oldest part
of Delhi. The fort was
completed by the ruler
Sher Shah in the mid-16th

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Passenger tip Passenger tip

Chor Bizarre
4/15a,Hotel Broadway,
Near Delhi Gate, Asaf Ali Road
Tel.: +91 11 23273821

This is a Kashmiri restaurant in
the bustling heart of Old Delhi,
with a clever name, funky interior
and the milder cuisine of the
Johan, co-pilot

The Royal Time Machine
B-19, Gulmohar Park

Tel.: +91 11 26858747

This one is for you luxury people
out there ;o) Gosh I wish I could
afford it. Can you? ;o)

Dariba Kaalan
Chandi Chowk

The number of
perfumeries has
dwindled to just a
few. These perfumes
derived from natural
flowers are called
Ittar. For visitors
walking the old Delhi
circuit I recommend
visiting these age old
perfumeries handed
down from one
generation to another.




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Inhabitants: 12,8 Mil
Language: Hindi, English
Indian Rubee (INR)
Time zone: GMT +6

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