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Brussels is often said to be a fascinating meeting point between the last millennium, and modern day Europe. Not long ago many locals were sceptical of the foreign diplomats and politicians arriving en masse. Now they are proud that their city has become an international celebrity. Our city guide will help you to find out what's up and what the best tips are from SAS crew and passengers. 

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What's up in Brussels

Grand' Place
Okay, okay ... this is very
tourisic but its ever so
pretty - 'de grote Markt'.

If you like design and if
you like the 50s, then the
Atomium is the place to go.

Hoet is the name for design
stuff in Belgium, go and check
it out!

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A fantastic area, well
worth a visit if you want
to distance yourself from
the more obvious parts
of Brussels. It's only a
short hop from the center,
but feels a million miles
away. Wander its narrow,
crowded streets and treat
yourself to a bit in one of
the many African and Asian
restaurants that populate
the area.
Rob, editor, CrewGuide

A La Morte Subite

A La Morte Subite (or "sudden
death" in English) is one of the
traditional watering-holes, a bit
off-Grand Place. Inside you will
find friendly service, decent
prices (did I mention it was
off-Grand Place?), and the
original 1928 art-deco interior.
Sample some of the numerous
Belgian beers - and don't forget
the house brand: A la mort Subite
(I did, and I'm still alive).

Manneken Pis
Corner of Rue de l' Etuve and
Rue du Chêne

New York has the statue of
Liberty, Copenhagen has the
mermaid and Brussels has
the…..Manneken Pis. This statue
of a little boy in a somewhat
compromising position has since
several centuries been a major
tourist attraction in the city.




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Inhabitants: 950'000
Language: Dutch, French, German
Currency:  Euro (EUR)
Time zone: GMT +1
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