EuroBonus and your mobile phone

Check your points

With SAS MobilePortal you can check your EuroBonus account, check-in for your flight, be the first to see special offers and much more, all online via Internet on your mobile phone. Other SAS services available include:

  • Timetable
  • Flight status
  • Weather
  • News on-line
  • Useful information as transfer to/from airports, tipping etc

Save the address as a 'Bookmark' on your mobile and you will always have it handy.

The best of it all

Is that SAS MobilePortal can be reached from most mobile phones, irrespective of operator, manufacturer or country you are located in. 

All you need is a mobile phone with internet access. SAS MobilePortal works with GSM, Edge and 3G and is adapted to fit the small display to in the best way exploit the possibility to surf the internet via the mobile phone.

Surfing on your mobile

The cost for surfing the internet via your mobile is approx. €2-4 per Megabyte (MB), depending on operator and country. 1 MB corresponds to approx. visits of 200 pages, to use SAS Check-in service via your home operator costs a few cents.

In general you pay the operator the data services you access. These services may be charged by volume or duration with minimum charges applying. Note: when travelling abroad, you normally pay a higher rate.

Most of the services available at SAS MobilePortal are free of charge. Some services are charged for, it is then clearly stated and you are always asked to accept before being charged.


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