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Transfer in Copenhagen

When you land at Copenhagen Airport, you will find that everything is within short walking distance - both to the other terminals and to the shopping area.

Map with walking distances and times at Kastrup Airport

Both you and your baggage will in general be checked in to the final destination when flying with SAS. Go to the gate in connection with your departure. On the information monitors in the transit area, find the gate and terminal for your departure and when the gate opens for boarding.

In the transit area, SAS has a transfer center for more information and help.

Domestic flights arrive and depart from Terminal 1. SAS international flights arrive and depart from Terminal 3. The majority of flights that SAS operates between Scandinavia and Europe (Schengen Area) arrrive at and depart from finger B in Terminal 3.

Terminal bus between the domestic and international terminals

Terminal 1 (domestic terminal) - Terminal 2 and 3 (international terminal)
Train station at Terminal 3 - Parking areas P15 and P17
Daily: 4:30am-11:18pm (last bus from Terminal 1) every 10 minutes
Nightly: 11:18pm-4:30am every 20 minutes

On December 24 and 31, bus service is every 15 minutes and does not stop at Terminal 1 (domestic) after 6pm.

Transport and parking at Copenhagen Airport

The minimum connection time at Copenhagen Airport for flights within the Schengen Area is 30 minutes from the time you land until your onward connection departs (except Aalborg and Aarhus). Staff in the terminal area will direct you to your next gate. We will also announce departure details for your onward connection onboard.

Passport and security control

Whether you need to go through passport and security control when you have a stopover in Copenhagen depends on where you are arriving from and your onward destination. You must go through passport control when arriving from or traveling to a non-Schengen Area country. If you are traveling from a Schengen Area country to another Schengen Area country, you do not have to go through passport control. It is strongly recommended to always travel with valid travel documents and photo identification.

If you are arriving from a country outside the EU, you must go through security control again in Copenhagen before you can enter the transit area.


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