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Self-printed boarding pass

  • When you check in for your SAS or Widerøe flight ahead of time, you can print your boarding pass before arriving at the airport. You will automatically be presented with all the possibilities for your departures.
  • This saves you time at the airport - if you only have hand baggage, you can go straight through security control to the gate. If you have baggage, you can print your baggage tags at the self-service kiosks at the airport and leave your baggage at the baggage drop.

About boarding passes:

  1. The boarding pass contains a unique barcode.
  2. Show your boarding pass at security control and during boarding. You will need to present photo ID during boarding.
  3. The boarding pass can include up to four segments on the same trip, so you only need to keep track of one document per person instead of several boarding passes.

  4. Note:
    You can print your boarding pass ahead of time for all internet check-in destinations from Scandinavia. If you are travelling to Scandinavia, you can print out your boarding pass ahead of time for the following destinations.

    When you print your boarding pass ahead of time, you must bring it to the airport to get through security control. Once you have printed the boarding pass ahead of time, you cannot use your credit card as an e-ticket. The boarding pass is your only valid means of access when you print it ahead of time. If you lose your boarding pass, you can always go to the self-service kiosk to obtain a new one or retrieve it online through the SAS app or mobile portal.


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