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All passengers must pass through security control
before boarding. You must show proof that you have a flight on the same day from the departure airport.

  • If you are traveling from Scandinavia and your ticket is registered on a card, swipe the card as you enter security control. This will allow staff to access your travel details.

  • If your ticket is not registered on a card or you are traveling from outside Scandinavia, you must present a valid printed boarding pass at security control. You can obtain a boarding pass from:

    • A printout from SAS online check-in

    • A self service kiosk at the airport

    • Your mobile device if you use mobile check-in

      Read more about check-in or boarding passes

  • SAS Fast Track is available for:

    • Passengers in SAS Business and SAS Plus

    • Passengers in Widerøe Business and Widerøe Economy Extra

    • Passengers flying domestic in SAS Business, SAS Plus, Widerøe Full Flex and Widerøe Flex from Oslo

    • Passengers flying in SAS Business with one of our codeshare partners

    • EuroBonus Diamond & Gold membersregardless of ticket type

      *EuroBonus Diamond & Gold members can also bring a friend or immediate family member with them through Fast Track provided both of you travel with SAS, Widerøe or other Star Alliance members when traveling from Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Gothenburg. 

Travel to and from the US:

TSA Pre✓®

For pre-qualified travelers, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) operates a special security screening program from participating airports in the USA.  

Program eligibility and description:
  • The program is available for US citizens and US permanent residents.

  • TSA Pre✓® is a security screening program that enables low-risk travelers to enjoy a smart, quick, and efficient screening experience at more than 200 U.S. airports. 

  • TSA Pre✓® is available when departing from a participating U.S. airport to another U.S. or foreign destination, and for domestic, connecting flights after returning to the U.S.

Note: TSA Pre✓® is currently not available from all our US gateways. At security check points where TSA Pre✓® is not offered, passengers with TSA Pre✓® will line up together with non-TSA Pre passengers but will be given a card once they reach the TSA Document check position. This card will give the TSA Pre✓® passengers some benefits such as allowing passengers to keep on their shoes and light outer garments. TSA Pre✓® passengers will still need to process their carry-on luggage as a normal passenger. 

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