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Delayed baggage

- locating and delivering your valuables

Forsinket bagage

  • If your baggage does not arrive at your destination airport, go to the Arrival Service counter in the baggage hall and fill out a baggage report. Remember to show the baggage receipts you received at check-in/bag drop.

  • If you include your mobile phone number in the baggage report, we will update you by SMS when your baggage is found.

  • We can provide you with a simple overnight kit at most airports if required.

  • In most cases, baggage arrives within the same day. As soon as the baggage is found, we will contact you to discuss when and where to deliver the baggage.

  • You can follow the search for your baggage with WorldTracer, our baggage search system. For more information and to update your baggage report, contact Arrival Services or update your own baggage report on WorldTracer.
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Compensation on arrival

  • If your baggage is delayed, we will reimburse reasonable expenses that you have made in connection with the purchase of necessities during the waiting time.

  • Your purchase must be in proportion to the length of the baggage delay and primarily on departure.

  • Save your receipts and send them along with your baggage report and your bank account details.
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Compensation after 21 days
  • If your baggage has been lost for 21 days, you can apply for compensation according to SAS transport regulations. Fill out the form below and send it to us along with your ticket, baggage receipts and delayed baggage report.
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