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Your company code


What is a company code (CMP code)?

  • A CMP-code is a unique 7-digit code connected to your company, e.g. ABCDEFG.
  • It will be sent to you upon registration.
  • It is your code to earn and redeem SAS Credits. You can only earn and redeem SAS Credits when providing your code.


How does it work?

  • Always provide your company code (CMP code) for every booking.
  • If you book your trips through a travel agency, simply forward your company code (CMP code) to your contact person.
  • If you book your own trips at your company, forward your company code (CMP code) to all your colleagues so they can contribute to earning SAS Credits for your company.


Forgot your company code (CMP code)?

  • Click here to contact us.


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