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Buy extra bags:

  • When you book your ticket online on SAS' website
  • Through your travel agency
  • When you check in online. Check-in is open from 22 hours before flight departure.

Buy extra bags now, save 40%*

*Compared to buying extra bags at the airport. 

BAGGAGE included by ticket type 

Baggage included by ticket type table
  SAS Go Light SAS Go SAS Plus SAS Business
Carry-on < 8 kg/17 lbs 1 bag  1 bag 1 bag 2 bags
Bag/ski bag/golf bag < 23 kg/50 lbs   1 bag 2 bags 2 bags up to 32 kg /70 lbs
  • If you’re a EuroBonus Silver or Star Alliance Gold member, you can check in 1 extra bag (weight based on travel class).
  • If you’re a EuroBonus Gold or Diamond member, you can check in 2 extra bags excexpt for SAS Go Light.
  • Sports equipment such as skis, snowboard, bikes and golf equipment is considered special baggage and is required to be requested and approved in advance to secure its carriage. Go to My bookings to register your special baggage.

    ** On flights to or from the US or Asia when travelling in SAS Plus, you can bring 2x8 kg. This also applies on connecting flights.

carry-on sizes

Duty-free and airport purchase must fit into your carry-on. For security reasons, you must store your carry-on under the seat in front of you. Your coat can be stowed in the overhead locker.  

Prices for extra bags

Pay for extra baggage when you check in online. 



Baggage that is odd-size, heavy or requires special handling, such as sports equipments or weapons, is considered special baggage. You need to register your baggage as special baggage if:

  • The dimensions (height + width + depth) exceed 158 cm/62" in total.
  • It weighs more than 32 kg/ 70 lbs.
  • You're traveling with sports equipments, weapons, pole vault poles or a pet

Check in more

If you need to check in more bags or heavier baggage than your ticket allows, you can buy extra baggage allowance. Please note that you can check in a maximum of 10 extra bags.


Need to check in more than 10 bags? You can always send your extra bagage as air freight