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SAS, the largest airline in Scandinavia, offers cheap international flights to Longyearbyen. Our city guide will help you find out what's up & the best tips are from SAS crew and passengers.

Longyearbyen is the gateway to Arctic adventures in the majestic landscape of Svalbard.

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What's up in Longyearbyen

King of the Arctic
Take a day trip to the east coast & hope to catch a glimpse of the mighty polar bear.
Tour the ice fjord
Take the ultimate ice fjord safari for a three-day tour into the wilderness.
Northern Lights
Hunt for the Aurora Borealis! October, February & March are the best months for auroral observations.

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Kayak trip in Billefjorden
Næringsbygget, Pb. 164
Tel.: +47 79 02 56 60

During the summer, the long fjord constitutes the life nerve in the Arctic nature of Svalbard. Kayaking Billefjorden, in the innermost part of Isfjorden, is a chance to experience a buzzing animal life. There is even possibly a polar bear hunt for seals on the ice floes by the glaciers.
Jan, pilot
Dinner in a Sami tentSvalbard Tourist Information
Tel.: +47 79 02 55 50

Dinner in a Sami turf, a sort of tent, is an interesting experience. Make sure to call ahead to the local tourist information for booking.
Spring ski trip
Tel: +47 79 02 17 05

Svalbard offers great adventures and nature experiences. A seven-day ski trip over the glaciers all the way to Ny-Ålesund, the world's most northern settlement, is a fantastic experience. Don't forget to bring a warm sleeping bag!

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Population: 2075
Language: Norwegian
Currency: Krone (NOK)
Time zone: CET

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