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The capital of China is not only the center of politics and education but also cultural hub where the eastern meets the western lifestyle. Book cheap flights from Helsinki to Beijing!

Beijing attractions

  • The Great Wall of China is one of the world's Seven Wonders, and no wonder. It is a staggering 6352 kilometers long. The wall was built to protect China from attack.
  • Forbidden City, old Chinese Imperial Palace, nowadays the Palace Museum, is one of the key attractions in Beijing. The complex consists of almost 1000 buildings and 9999 rooms!
  • Tiananmen Square is huge - the third largest city square in the world. It’s worth a visit especially on a clear day or early evening, when the prospects are enormous.

Beijing is a big adventure! Explore the different culture and lifestyle, eat in exotic restaurants, take a look around the hustle and bustle, and go see a Chinese opera and other cultural events. This way you get the most of your trip!


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