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4x as many qualifying points and flights towards a higher status when you travel with SAS this autumn and winter.

Now it's 4x easier for you to keep your SAS EuroBonus membership level or reach the next one. Travel with us between 1 October 2021–31 January 2022, and we’ll give you 4x qualifying points and flights.

This means that you’ll earn 4x as many qualifying flights and 4x as many qualifying points toward a higher status (1x Basic points + 3x Status points). Unlike Basic points, you can’t use Status points for shopping and they’re not shown in your EuroBonus account balance – but they can help you keep your membership status or reach a higher one.

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During the months of October, November, December and January you will receive 4 times as many status points and qualifying segments for all flights made with SAS regardless of when the booking was made.

You will receive basic points as usual. On top of basic points you will receive three times as many status points. That means that if the normal point earn for your SAS ticket fare is 500 basic points you will receive 500 basic points and 1 500 status points, a total of 2 000 points closer to keeping your tier or upgrading to the next level.

If you are a Gold or Diamond member you will also receive 25% more just as usual. This means that if the normal point earn for your SAS ticket fare is 500 basic points you will receive 625 basic points and 1 875 status points, a total of 2 500. The status points are non-redeemable and cannot be used for rewards and will not be shown in your point balance, however the basic points will be added to your point balance as usual.

You can see your qualifying legs and status points when you log in to My EuroBonus in the tier status progress bar near the top of the page. In the list of transactions in your statement you will only see the basic point earn.

The qualification levels for Silver, Gold and Diamond remain unchanged, however counting trips made only during the campaign period this means you only have to fly 12 legs with SAS to become a Gold member. And only 3 legs to become Silver. Read more about our qualification levels here.

If you manage to reach or maintain gold status within your qualification period, it will count towards your Lifetime Gold status as usual. However, according to normal program rules Give away membership or donated cards will not count towards Lifetime Gold status.

As these are non-redeemable points, they will only show in your counter towards maintaining your level or reaching the next level. They will not be shown in your account balance.

We have extended tier levels for active Silver, Gold and Diamond EuroBonus members with a qualification period expiry date between 31 March 2020–31 December 2021 where the member has achieved current member status on their own merits, either by earning qualifying points or qualifying flights. The campaign can be helpful to reach a tier upgrade in your current qualifying period to maintain your status another year (when relevant).