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SAS Passenger Service Commitment - During travel

Take measures to speed up check-in
We are keen to offer you a fast and smooth passage through airport formalities and will set reasonable check-in deadlines.
We will take appropriate steps in co-ordination with airports to avoid congestion in departure areas and to speed up check-in to make it easier for you to meet check-in deadlines.
Examples of the methods we employ in this respect are e-ticketing, self-service check-in, web check-in, mobile check-in stations, off airport check-in, fast track check-in and queue combing.

Reduce the number of passengers who are involuntarily denied boarding
It is a regular occurrence that some booked passengers fail to turn up for a flight. Airlines therefore use overbooking on a systematic basis to avoid the waste of flying empty seats and to make seats available to more customers.
Should a flight at departure time have more passengers than seats available, we will first seek volunteers who are prepared to stand down from the flight, subject to any security and/or operational constraints at the airport concerned.
We naturally take good care of passengers who are denied boarding and we have established routines and procedures to provide any necessary assistance and compensation.

Assist you when facing delays
We realize that long delays are an annoying inconvenience. We therefore provide you with the appropriate assistance, such as refreshments, meals and accommodation, when facing delays beyond two hours, provided local conditions permit.
Such assistance may not apply in exceptional situations that are beyond our control such as severe weather conditions, political unrest or long strikes in essential services. Also, it may not be provided if this would further delay departure.

Meet passengers’ essential needs during long on-aircraft delays
Delays may sometimes occur after you have boarded the aircraft and have no access to the terminal. Should they involve an extended period of time, we make every reasonable effort to meet your needs for food, water, lavatories and access to medical treatment as consistent with safety and security concerns. We naturally try to avoid keeping you onboard in long delays.

Provide assistance to passengers with reduced mobility or special needs
We assist customers with special needs with full respect for their dignity and comfort. We publish information on the services we offer to provide assistance to passengers with special needs and reduced mobility in a manner compatible with applicable safety regulations.
For the benefit of passengers with reduced mobility, we support the document titled “Meeting the Needs of People with Reduced Mobility”.

Inf icon Meeting the Needs of People with Reduced Mobility”.

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