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SAS Passenger Service Commitment - Before travel

Offer you the lowest fare available through each of our direct outlets
The price of your ticket will vary depending on a number of factors such as when you travel, the flexibility of your travel plans and the availability of promotional fares.
Our own telephone reservation system, web site and ticket offices will offer you the lowest appropriate fare available to you through these outlets for the date, flight and class of service requested.
The fares available may differ from outlet to outlet, e.g. some promotional fares are only sold via the SAS web site.
We will inform you of the terms and conditions applicable to the chosen fare and any taxes, fees and charges.

Allow reservations to be held or cancelled without commitment or penalty within 24 hours
When making reservations, you might need a “breathing space” in which to contact or consult with others. Subject to applicable ticketing deadlines, we will allow you:
* to hold a reservation made directly with us without payment for a minimum of 24 hours or,
* where immediate payment is required at the time of booking, to cancel a reservation without penalty for up to 24 hours.
We will advise you which of the above applies at the time of booking.

Honor an agreed fare after payment
We will protect you against any fare increases after payment of your ticket. Once you have done so, no increase will apply to the agreed fare for the date, flight and class of service booked. However, any change in taxes, fees and charges will be subject to additional payment or refund.

Provide information on operating carrier
In order to offer you extended network coverage and seamless travel, we have entered various forms of cooperation with selected quality airlines. We realize that you need to be informed in advance regarding the airline you will actually be flying with.
In case of flights operated under a code share, franchise or long term planned lease agreements, we will:
* Inform you of the name of the airline actually operating the flight.
This will be done:
-upon reservation, whenever such reservation is made through a distribution channel under our direct control, i.e. our own ticket offices, telephone reservation center and own web site; and
-at the airport upon check-in.
As regards a reservation made through a channel which is not under our direct control, i.e. travel agencies and web sites other than our own, we will remind travel agents and web sites’ operators to systematically inform our passengers at the time of reservation.
* Make it clear that your contract is with the marketing airline, i.e., the airline whose designator code appears on the flight coupon or routing slip next to the flight number.
* Inform you when traveling on code-shared services that the level of service may be different, and that the Scandinavian Airlines Passenger Service Commitment may not apply.

Notify you of known delays, cancellations and diversions
Despite our efforts to maintain on-time performance, irregularities do occur. We know how important it is for you to learn of any deviations from the timetables as soon as possible. When you are at the airport or onboard an affected aircraft, we therefore provide you the best available information regarding known delays, cancellations and diversions.

Inform passengers regarding our commercial and operational conditions
We will provide our passengers with the following information relevant to their journey:
A. At the time of booking (if available):
Planned scheduled time of departure and arrival of the flights
* Airport/terminal of departure and arrival
* The number of en-route stops
* Any change of aircraft, terminal or airport
* Any conditions attached to the fare to be paid
* Name of operating carrier and flight number
* If it is a smoking flight
In the event of substitution of operating carrier which has not previously been disclosed and which is not acceptable to you as a ticket holder, you will be given the right to a refund or carried on the next SAS flight with available space in the same class.
B. With the confirmation invoice or with the ticket:
* Confirmation of flight times
* Free baggage allowance and liability limits
* Cabin baggage allowance
If, after purchase of a ticket, we make a significant change to the scheduled flight time, which is not acceptable to you, and we are unable to book you on an alternative flight that you find acceptable, you will be entitled to a refund.
C. On request: (for our own services and where available for services operated by other carriers)
* The aircraft type scheduled to be operated on the route and seat pitch
* Services normally offered on board
* Facilities for passengers with special needs and any charge made for using them
* Whether specific seats can be allocated or pre-booked
* Charges for excess baggage
* Our Conditions of Carriage
* Details of applicable frequent flyer programs
* Assistance programs for baggage lost, damaged or delayed
* Details of the Airline Passenger Service Commitment and our own service plan.

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