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SAS Passenger Service Commitment - After travel
On time baggage delivery
The speed of modern air travel should not be wasted by long waits at the baggage conveyor. We will make every reasonable effort to deliver all checked baggage to the Arrivals Hall area as quickly as possible.
If your checked bags should go missing, we will make every reasonable effort to retrieve them and deliver them to you. We promise to deliver them to you within 24 hours of their arrival to your final destination (i.e. address of residence), free of charge. We will also offer you immediate assistance sufficient to meet reasonable short-term needs.

Provide prompt refunds
When you purchase a ticket directly from us and subsequently apply for and are entitled to a refund, we will issue the refund:
* within 7 business days for credit card purchases
* within 20 business days (one month) when you have paid by cash or check
We will expect you to produce complete documentation for all purchases, whichever form of payment is involved. 

In a similar way, any taxes, fees and charges collected with and shown on a ticket are also refundable.

Be responsive to complaints from passengers
We know there can be times when a passenger is dissatisfied with some aspect of our service or products. When a passenger or our own personnel bring this to our attention, we make every effort to find a prompt and satisfactory solution. We welcome your comments and feedback because they indicate where we need to improve our service routines.
Should you write to inform us of your dissatisfaction with our service, under normal circumstances we will respond to and deal with the matter within 21 days from the date of receipt. When this is insufficient time for the complaint to be handled properly, we will give you an interim response stating the reason for the delay.
We will provide you with a convenient point of contact for all complaints by including for this purpose an address and/or phone number and departmental name in our timetables, on our web sites and other public information sources. These details will also be available at all accredited travel agents.

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