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Usage of cookies

A cookie, either temporary or persistent, is a small file that is saved in your computer. Typically, web sites such as SAS use cookies to enhance your experience of download times and logging in. If you do not wish to accept the use of cookies, adapt the settings in your web browser (often under Internet Options). Specifically, SAS use persistant cookies to enhance your experience of download times and to detect Javascript ability.

Persistant cookies to enhance your experience of download times
When entering the SAS web site we will ask you to state your Internet connection speed. We check your connection to be able to give you the best experience possible when entering the SAS web site. When we know your connection speed we are able to adapt the site. If your are using a fast connection we will present you with extra information, and if you're using a slow connection we will instead remove some information in order to make the site faster.

Ask me the next time I enter SAS web site
If you activate this tick box your choice between fast or slow connection speed is set only for your current visit to SAS web site. The next time you enter SAS web site you can make a new choice between fast or slow connection speed. If you on the other hand select not to activate the tick box your settings will be saved in a persistent cookie. This way we will not have to ask you about connection speed again.

Change connection settings by deleting the cookie
If you wish to change your connection settings, at a later time, you must delete the cookie. How to do this depends on the type of browser you use. For users of Microsoft Internet Explorer it can be done from the browser's menu bar. Select Tools/Internet Options. In Internet Explorer 6 and later versions there is a button named "Delete cookies". In older versions of Internet Explorer click Settings, and then click View files. Locate the cookie named and delete it, or simply click CTRL-A and delete all files in the temporary Internet files folder.
Alternatively you can use Windows Explorer to locate the Temporary Internet Files-folder and follow the procedure described above.

Cookies to detect Javascript ability
To access all of this site's functionality, your browser settings should be set to allow Javascript. If you have Java script turned off you will be offered a modified version of the SAS web site. The browser settings are often found under Internet Options in your browser.

More information about connection speed and Javascript
More information about connection speed and Javascript is available in FAQ section, Technical req "Why select Internet connection speed?" and "Does SAS web site require Javascript?"

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