SAS lends environmental expertise with Civil Aviation Authority China, Air China and Shanghai Airlines

Published: 2007-08-03

Civil Aviation Authority China, Air China and Shanghai Airlines have met with SAS Scandinavian Airlines in Beijing to learn from SAS' world-leading environmental strategy, which includes green landings, carbon emission offset and award-winning sustainability reports.

"SAS has set a new milestone in aviation history with our green landings, and we are more than pleased to share our experience with other airlines, especially the two new Star Alliance™ members Air China and Shanghai Airlines," says Björn Ekegren, General Manager, China, Scandinavian Airlines.

"China is experiencing one of the strongest growth in air travel worldwide, and the fact that these three significant players within Chinese aviation are interested in sharing SAS' environmental experiences sends out a strong message to the global airline industry," says Trond Fredheim, Chief Operating Officer, Scandinavian Airlines International.

"China will in co-operation with Scandinavian Airlines be able to position itself as one of the world's most environmentally-friendly aviation markets," says Fredheim. "SAS has carried out over 1,500 domestic green landings in Sweden so far, and we offer all our passengers the opportunity to offset carbon dioxide emission when traveling with us."

Each green approach saves around 600 kilos of fuel per landing. At present SAS is the only airline to continuously carry out green approach/landings in a domestic market (Sweden). As of December, trans Atlantic green flights from the US to Stockholm will be trialed with SAS' Airbus A330-300, making it the first global green landing flights. Plans for green landings between Beijing and Stockholm are planned to be launched during 2008 with an Airbus A340-300.

"Scandinavian Airlines is highly committed to environment, and the green landings project has been made possible with partners such as aircraft manufacturer Airbus and LFV, the Swedish Civil Aviation authority," says Björn Ekegren.

As of March this year, all Scandinavian Airlines passengers have the possibility to offset carbon dioxide emissions arising from air travel by paying compensation. An emission calculator is available on SAS' websites, where customers can also choose which environmental project to support.

Earlier this month, Scandinavian Airlines' annual report was awarded the Best Sustainability Report by FAR SRS, for the second consecutive year. The Swedish company is the professional institute for authorized accountants in Sweden and rates corporates in a highly environmentally-friendly competitive market.

Scandinavian Airlines in China

SAS currently operates 10 weekly services between China and Scandinavia: a daily service between Beijing and Copenhagen, and a three weekly service between Beijing and Stockholm.

During the summer 2008 programme, SAS will continue to operate a daily service between Copenhagen and Beijing, and six flights a week between Stockholm and Beijing, bringing the total to 13 weekly services.

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