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America’s capital wants you to know where you are and the city goes all out to impress in terms of grandeur and size. Drama and scandal bubble under the surface while the streets are abuzz - hip and happening events,museums, restaurants and clubs around every corner. Our city guide will help you to find out what's up and what the best tips are from SAS crew and passengers. 

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What's up in Washington D.C.

No question about it
the one thing to do
in Washington is
see museums!

The celebrity chef
Fine food is what you
desire, well give
Citronelle a try! If this
doesn't please your

Well thats a place to
definately, you can
shop and walk and ...

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Crew tip

Passenger tip Passenger tip

Jogging track

If you are staying in Georgetown
area of Washington and like to
do some exercise, seek out the
old canal running parallel to M
Street only one block away on
the south side. Along the canal
there is a dirt road, originally
used by the horses that once
pulled the barges on the canal.
The dirt road is closed for cars
and superb for jogging or
walking. Run westwards and
after approximately half a mile
you will find yourself in
tranquil surroundings, with
the canal on one side and
woods on the other, stretching
down to Potomac River. The
road goes on for miles and
is used extensively by local
Tor, pilot

Cherry Blossoms

March to April is the right time
to be in DC, you can take a walk
and enjoy the beautiful flowers
on the cherry trees or join the
yearly festival.

National Harbor

Washington got a harbor!
I didn't know, did you?


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Inhabitants: 572'000
Language: English
Currency: Dollar (USD)
Time zone: GMT -6

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Copenhagen - Washington D.C. 12.20 - 15.15 h 1,4,5,6,7
Washington D.C. - Copenhagen 17.20 - 07.15 h (+1) 1,4,5,6,7


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