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Good advice for those who are pregnant

Rejsende gravide

  • During the flight, there may be an increased urge to use the washroom. While the lavatories on flights are often not the greatest, it is important to dress in such a way that makes it fast and efficient to use the lavatory. Additionally, it is practical to sit in an aisle seat so you are closer to the lavatory.

  • When you sit for long periods, your feet and ankles may swell. To keep your circulation moving, stretch your legs once in a while or take short walks. You can take your shoes off, but be aware that your feet can swell and you may have difficulty putting your shoes on again.

  • If you have problems with varicose veins, pay attention to getting your blood circulation back to normal. You can periodically engage in vein pump exercises and get up and go back and forth. You can also use compression stockings to prevent edemas. A good tip if you use compression stockings is to put them on in the morning while you are still lying in your bed and keep them on all day. If you do not have any problems with varicose veins, a pair of normal socks will provide enough support so that you will not get varicose veins during the flight.

  • Up until the 12th week of pregnancy, the seat belt can fastened over the belly like normal. After that, the seat belt is fastened under the belly.

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