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  • Allergies. We don’t serve peanuts as inflight snacks or as a meal ingredient. If you are allergic to peanuts, always notify the cabin staff when you board the plane so they can inform other passengers of your peanut allergy. All other types of allergens such as nuts, seeds and legumes are available as snacks or are meal ingredients on SAS flights. It is not possible for us to restrict this. 

    All our meals are prepared by suppliers on premises in which nuts/allergens are present. For this reason, there is a risk that traces of nuts/allergens may be present, even in cases in which the allergen is not part of a recipe or stated on the declaration of contents.
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  • If you are allergic to pet hair, contact SAS Customer Contact Center in connection with your booking so we can confirm there are no animals on your departure.

  • Remember to bring any medication in cabin baggage.

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