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Seat selection
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Seat selection

  • Preferred seat
    Passengers flying in SAS Go within Europe or to/from the US or Asia can book the most attractive seats onboard for a fee. Aisle, window or extra leg space? Choose your favorite! Find out more click here!
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  • Extra seat
    If you require an extra seat for comfort or medical reasons, reserve an extra seat next to yours.
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    - Reservations can be made when you book with a travel agent or
    SAS Customer Contact Center.

    - Prices
    SAS Go
    : Lowest available fare in your booked service class excluding taxes and fees
    SAS Plus: €130 (domestic)/€180 (Scandinavia/Europe)

    - When you book an extra seat:
    • Check in at the airport instead of online.
    • Your extra seat cannot be used for extra baggage.
  Contact SAS Customer Contact Center
  • If you haven't used preferred seat
    SAS Go passengers can choose a seat online or by mobile starting 22 hours before departure free of charge. You can also use the self-service kiosks at the airport.

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