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Do you want to offset your CO2 emissions?

CO2 offset

We are happy to offer all customers the possibility to offset carbon dioxide emissions. On the website mentioned below, you can enter your journey and a calculator computes the distance and CO2 contribution. The amount you can pay in compensation is invested in projects for renewable energy in other countries. This amount also corresponds to a reduction in the CO2 emissions caused by your flight or air transport. A common feature of all of these projects is that they have generated a documented reduction in carbon-dioxide emissions and that such reductions been verified by an independent auditor.

SAS Group has chosen The CarbonNeutral Company in London to administer all payment transactions. Accordingly, SAS will not have any knowledge of individual choices to pay or not pay CO2 compensation. The CarbonNeutral Company’s independent third-party auditor is KPMG. The CarbonNeutral Company is the one of the most experienced suppliers of carbon-dioxide reduction projects and sustainable development activities for many well-known major customers.

The SAS Group’s major customers and partners can offset carbon-dioxide emission through the previously established channels or through direct contact with The CarbonNeutral Company via its website.


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