Transport to Copenhagen from Kastrup

Transport to Copenhagen from Kastrup

Getting from Copenhagen Airport Kastrup to Copenhagen

International visitors to Denmark who arrive by air will land at Copenhagen Airport Kastrup, 5.6 miles (9 km) from Copenhagen. International flights use both Terminals 2 and 3, with the customs facility and baggage claim area in Terminal 3. After these formalities, visitors to Copenhagen can head to the city with their baggage. There are several transportation options available.


Underneath Terminal 3 is the airport's railway station. It is called Copenhagen Airport Kastrup Station to avoid confusion with the Metro station located in Kastrup itself. Served by the Øresund Line, the station provides passenger rail service into Copenhagen, where clean modern trains deposit passengers at either Nørreport or Hovedbanegården, the city's central rail hubs, taking about 15 minutes. Tickets may be purchased from the DSB office or at conveniently located machines. Fares are calculated by zone and getting to downtown Copenhagen requires paying for at least three zones.


Rapid transit Metro trains depart from a station at Terminal 3 on the second level. Trains run every five minutes during the day and every 15 to 20 minutes at night, reaching Nørreport in about 15 minutes. While no direct Metro service runs from the airport to Hovedbanegården, central station is easily reached by S-Train from Nørreport. Metro tickets are sold at the DSB office or from Metro machines. Metro trains fares are also calculated by zone and a trip to Copenhagen will pass at least three zones.


Buses also depart from Terminal 3. Many hotels offer free shuttle transportation to their guests, while the 5A bus runs to both Nørreport and Hovedbanegården in about 30 minutes. The service runs is every 10 minutes from 5AM until 1AM the next morning, although overnight service is in the works. Tickets are available from the machines in Terminal 3 or purchased from the bus driver. However, passengers should note that bus drivers accept only coins.


For point-to-point personal service, arriving passengers may use the taxis to be found at Terminals 1 and 3. The trip to Copenhagen usually takes around 20 minutes if there is no traffic. The fares quoted include taxes and tips. Most taxi drivers accept credit cards. Visitors should be aware that one of the taxi stands outside Terminal 3 is reserved for transportation to Sweden across the Øresund Bridge.

Rental car

Visitors who plan to rent a car to tour the countryside will find it quite easy to pick up the vehicle at the airport and drive downtown. Five separate agencies operate in Terminal 3 and three of them have counters in Terminal 1 as well. To hire a car in Denmark, drivers must have had a driver's license for at least one year and be over 21. Drivers under 25 may be asked to pay a surcharge or even refused entirely. International licenses are not necessary. The driver must present a valid passport and driver's license to rent a car in Denmark and the vehicle may be prebooked if desired.

Getting from Copenhagen Airport Kastrup into downtown Copenhagen could not be simpler. Visitors should plan ahead in order to enjoy the trip on arrival, but Denmark is an easy country to navigate and getting downtown from the airport is a quick ride away.

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