Guide to Trondheim

Guide to Trondheim

Charm and relaxation

Trondheim in central Norway is a city of great charm. When you visit, you'll find lots to see and do, but you won't have to rush in this very relaxed city.


Part of this feeling comes from the preference of many residents to cycle rather than drive. In Trondheim, there's no reason why you can't join them. In fact, cycling is a great way of touring the city. Visitors and residents can also hire bikes which can be found around the city. To access them, you will need a key card, which can be obtained at the tourist information office.

Having a bike also gives you the chance to take the bicycle lift up the 130-metre Brubakken Hill not far from Gamle Bybro. Trondheim was the first city in the world to install such a lift and it's certainly a great help getting you to within a short distance of Kristiansten Fortress. To use the lift, go to Sykkelbua, the bike shop at Øvre Bakklandet 35, and ask for a key card.


Cycling is a great way to experience Trondheim in the open air and at street level. To get a feel for the city in its entirety, you should visit the local viewpoints. One of these is from Kristiansten Fortress near the top of the bicycle lift. From here you can see the city of Trondheim, the fjord and the surrounding mountains.

Another viewpoint is Tyholt Tower. The advantage of this particular venue is that it has a revolving restaurant. Eat and  drink while you admire the panorama beyond the windows.

Buildings of note

Back on the ground, Trondheim has a host of fascinating places to visit. If the royal family is not in residence, why not begin with the Stiftsgården on Munkegaten? This royal palace built of wood has 140 rooms and is 58m long. Join a guided tour and experience the sumptuously decorated apartments.

Trondheim has a number of attractions of interest to visitors. One of the main attractions in Trondheim is Nidaros Cathedral and the Norwegian Crown Regalia displayed in the Archbishop's Palace.

Built in 1070, Nidaros Cathedral is Norway's largest cathedral and Scandinavia's largest medieval building. This spectacular building is located in the middle of the city centre of Trondheim. The cathedral has gone through years of building and restoration and the current building has notable differences. Nidaros Cathedral is a work of art that constructed by detail crafting and cultural architecture. A site from the medieval world remains well preserved today and is a site worth visiting.

The Archbishop's Palace is the oldest secular building in Scandinavia built in the 12th century. It stands next to Nidaros Cathedral and is home to the Norwegian Crown Regalia. The Royal Regalia is located within the west wing of the museum, which is also within the same compound as the palace.

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Other places to see

The River Nidelva runs through Trondheim. To the east of this waterway is Bakklandet. In the Bakklandet district, you'll find restored timber buildings that are homes, shops and cafés. This is a delightful place to wander. It captures the charm and relaxed atmosphere of Trondheim better than anywhere.

If you fancy a stroll along the River Nidelva, go towards the Old Town Bridge. On its western side, the bridge has a carved wooden gate known as the Gate of Fortune. The Gate of Fortune has become a symbol of Trondheim that you're certain to see on tourist posters and pamphlets.

Another famous landmark in Trondheim is the Fish Market by the fjord. Look out for the Ravnkloa clock at one end of the market and the Nils Aas sculpture, The Last of the Vikings.

From the Fish Market you can catch a boat to Munkholmen (Monk Island). The island lies in Trondheim harbour and is the site of a former prison and execution yard. Nowadays, it's a popular spot for sightseers and bathers.

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What's up in Trondheim


Yes, they have fjords here too. Take a tour on Hurtigruten from Trondheim to any of 35 ports.


Available from 10 racks in central Trondheim, it's an excellent way to get around town.

Nidaros Cathedral

Norway's national sanctuary and one of the most visited sights in Trondheim.


Crew tip

If hiking and fishing is not your thing, or if you just want to relax, a stroll in Bakkelandet might be a good idea. These old wooden houses are restored and bubbling with life, cafés, small boutiques and restaurants. /Lars, Pilot

Passenger tip

Nearby Røros is one of Europe's oldest town of wooden buildings and a member of UNESCO's World Heritage List.It's a daytrip from Trondheim and well worth a visit. Take your time because there are a lot of things to see and do here. /Jesper

Passenger tip
Bicycle Lift

A bicycle lift, how weird is that? If you are in Trondheim, you have to try it. You need a lift card and, of course, a bike. Get the card from the tourist office or at the starting point of the lift. /Pierre


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