Your transport guide for Copenhagen

Public transport in Copenhagen

Public transportation in Copenhagen

The city center is located within 6 miles (8 km) of Copenhagen Airport and is easily reachable by train or by bus. Trains depart every 10 minutes and take approximately 20 minutes. There are also frequent bus connections.

Once in the city itself, visitors will discover that there is an extensive public transport network with rail, bus and metro links. The metro line includes a link to the airport.

Bus or train

The bus and train networks make use of an integrated ticketing system, with Copenhagen divided into 7 zones. When you buy a ticket, you need to calculate the number of zones you will travel through during the course of your journey to determine the price you will pay.

You must validate tickets before boarding metro trains and aboard buses with the yellow stamp machines. Ticket inspectors can issue fines immediately if tickets have not been validated correctly.

Tickets bought for the bus or metro can also be used on local train services. This can be somewhat confusing, given that the tickets look different depending on where they were purchased.

The Copenhagen Card

Take advantage of the Copenhagen Card, which offers free travel on the transport network, as well as access to a variety of museums within the city and surrounding areas.

Copenhagen by bike

Copenhagen is also a great city for cyclists, with many dedicated cycle lanes. Maps of the cycling network can be purchased from bookstores within the city. It is also possible to pick up free maps displaying the public transport network and zones.


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