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Winter in Scandinavia

Photo: Henrik Trygg/Innovation Norway

Winter in Scandinavia is a magical time. If you enjoy winter sports, visit Scandinavia and Finland. This is the perfect time of the year for winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, or sledding. Have fun in the snow!

During the winter months, Scandinavia gets 6-7 hours of daylight, but if you go far enough to the north in Norway, Sweden and Finland, the daylight decreases significantly. In certain areas of the Arctic Circle, there is no sun at all for a period of time and during the winter nights you can view the amazing Northern Lights.

Here are a few suggestions of things to see and do in Scandinavia and Finland this winter.

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Photo: Treehotel ©



Photo: Bård Løken / Igloo Hotel







Hotel opening dates vary, so please check the dates ahead of time.

Ice Hotel – a frozen dream - Sweden   
Slip into the cosy thermal sleeping bag and rest your senses in the tranquil silence of the igloo. A night in an Ice Hotel, surrounded by beautifully illuminated ice art and thick snow walls, is truly a night to remember. Visit the Snow Hotel in Finland, Igloo Hotel in Norway or the original famous Ice Hotel in Sweden. With an interior temperature kept at a constant -5°C, it really does take your breath away. The closest airport is Kiruna with up to 3 flights a day with SAS.


Tree Hotel - Sweden
The Treehotel is a new eco based design hotel concept, with rooms high above the ground in the pines, drawn by Sweden’s best architects. An all year round experience, living close to nature in the Boreal Forest, deep in Swedish Lapland with stunning views over the Lulea River valley. The closest airport is Luleå with connections from Stockholm.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel - Norway
This is Europe's northernmost ice hotel, located in the northern Norwegian region of Finnmark. With 20 bedrooms it is Norway's largest ice hotel, and also contains a bar, lounges, an ice chapel and the adjacent Lakesestua restaurant, which is in the shape of a tepee and serves traditional Lappish delicacies. From mid-November until the end of January, the sun doesn't rise here, so the chances of seeing the Northern Lights are excellent. The closest airport is Alta with up to 3 flights a day with SAS.


Kirkenes Snow Hotel - Norway
The Snow Hotel in Norway is a very unique destination hotel with beautifully lighted artwork made of snow. At the geographic location of the Snow Hotel, experience the Polar Nights every winter from November 21-January 21. Starting in mid-December, the Snow Hotel offers guests individual rooms called snow suites. These 20+ guest rooms come with sleeping bags, mattresses and - naturally - lots of snow and ice. In the morning, walk down to the sauna by the lake to warm up. The closest airport is Kirkenes with up to 2 flights a day with SAS.


Kemi Snow Hotel - Finland
In the SnowHotel there are rooms for singles, couples as well as bigger groups. There are 18 rooms for doubles / singles and two group-rooms with five beds as well as a honeymoon suite. Sleeping in the SnowHotel includes also breakfast served inside the warm CastleLounge and after breakfast you will have the chance to go and take a shower and go to the sauna in a nearby hotel. The closest airport is Kiruna, with up to 3 flights a day with SAS. Get there by flying to Luleå, Sweden or Oulu, Finland with SAS. 


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