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Service rules

Online bookings
Tickets to be delivered by mail will be posted according to the applicable ticket rules. Restricted tickets with advance pickup rules must be picked up in accordance with these rules or the booking will be canceled. Unrestricted tickets with no advance pickup rules must be picked up in time for all check-in/security formalities to be completed.

If allowed according to the ticket rules a SAS Reservations office or your travel agent can change online bookings for you.

Due to legal restrictions, we cannot accept all forms of payment in certain countries. Please see the FAQ on Payment for details.

All applicable airport fees are included in the fare. Please note that these may vary depending on the country of departure and arrival. All prices quoted prior to purchase are for guidance only.

Restrictions for Special fares
Most economy class fares are of great value, but they are not as flexible as business class tickets.

Re-booking is restricted and additional fees sometimes apply. With some special fares, it is not possible to change your reservation. Refunds may also be restricted.

Carefully study the price quoted when making a booking.

For detailed information, please contact a SAS Reservations office or your travel agent.

It is not necessary to reconfirm any SAS flight. Other airlines may require you to reconfirm. We therefore advise you to contact the nearest office of the airline concerned.

Seat reservation
We are glad to help passengers to reserve a specific seat on intercontinental flights.

Business class passengers can reserve a specific seat on European flights.

Economy class passengers within Europe flights can select a seat (window or aisle) when checking in.

We cannot guarantee that your reserved seat will be free at the time of departure, as seating arrangements can change as a result of unscheduled aircraft changes.

Special meals
If you would like to order a special meal, please let us know when you book your flight (or not later than 24 hours before departure).

Check-in deadline
Check-in deadlines ensure convenient check-in for all SAS passengers and help to maintain punctual flight departures.

To avoid being denied a seat on a SAS flight, please make sure you have your boarding card at hand well before the check-in deadline. Passengers who have arrived on time and have cleared all airline formalities will be compensated if they do not receive their original reservation.

Airline ticket
An airline ticket is generally valid for one year from the date of commencement of travel, unless it is a special fare with a shorter validity. The exact dates of validity are printed on your ticket.

For partially or completely unused SAS tickets, you can (if applicable) apply for a refund with the issuing travel agent or any SAS Reservations office - please do so as soon as possible.

Please retain any documentation (tickets, boarding card, and baggage receipts) until you have completed your journey and received any frequent flyer miles expected.

Passport, Visas, Customs regulations
Incomplete documents or non-compliance with entry and exit regulations may have unpleasant consequences (exclusion from a flight, refusal of entry, and fines). If you are unsure of the applicable regulations, please consult your travel agent or the embassies/ consulates of the countries involved.

Infants and children
Infants (0-2 years old) can generally travel at a 90% discount of the applicable fare, provided an adult in the same flight/class accompanies them. However, they are not entitled to occupy their own seat.

Children (2-11 years old) can generally travel at a discount of 25% of the applicable fare. Children less than five years old must be accompanied by an adult. Children over five years old can travel unaccompanied - they will get the special attention of SAS staff on the ground and on board. A special fee for looking after unaccompanied minors per sector flown applies.

There are exceptions to the information concerning children above, please consult a SAS Reservations office or your travel agent.

Youth and student fares
There are discounts on many routes for youth (12-25 years old) and students (younger than 26).

Your baggage
For international travel (except to/from the USA ) on SAS flights, the free baggage allowance in economy class is 20 kg, in business class it is 30 kg. One piece of hand luggage per passenger is allowed on board. Hand luggage must not exceed 55x40x23 cm, or weigh more than 8 kg. It can be stowed under the seat in front of you or in one of the overhead lockers. Please take care when opening the overhead lockers while the aircraft is moving or after landing.

On SAS flights to and from the USA , the free baggage allowance is based on a piece-baggage concept, depending on the point of origin or destination when the baggage is checked through. The piece-baggage concept is as follows: two pieces of baggage and one piece of hand luggage (see dimensions above).

Each piece of baggage should be clearly marked with your address - both inside and outside. Unmarked baggage will not be accepted.

Special regulations apply to the transportation of bikes, surfboards, animals, weapons, knives, and dangerous goods (explosives, ammunition, fireworks, lighter fuel, butane lighter fuel refills, butane gas, bleach, peroxides, batteries, mercury, acids and other corrosive liquids, poisons or other dangerous goods such as magnetized material, etc.).

Nonsmoking flights
All flights operated by SAS worldwide are nonsmoking flights. Some of our partners may allow smoking depending on the route.

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