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This vibrant, busy city has slowly been emerging as a new cultural diamond in Eastern Europe and forms the centre of modern Poland. And while shiny skyscrapers, new restaurants and funky clubs shoot like mushrooms from the soil, Warsaw's many historic buildings serve as a reminder of this city’s glorious history. SAS offers cheap flight tickets to Warsaw from the UK from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Humberside and Edinburgh.

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Gdańsk is an Eastern European city with an incredible history and it is considered the most glamorous one by the Baltic Sea. Its beauty is matched by its many excellent restaurants, pubs, and night clubs: if you want a diverse city experience, Gdańsk is the right place to visit. Fly with SAS from London and other UK cities to Gdańsk

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Poznań is the capital of the Wielkopolska region in Poland. An industrial city, it also has a large student population and a rich history, which makes for an interesting and fun trip for people from all walks of life. The main attractions of the city are centred around Stary Rynek, or Old Square. The town hall and vendors' houses are particularly beautiful and the bars and restaurants surrounding them compliment their splendour. Fly with SAS from London to Poznań.

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