Prepaid Travel Passes

Travel Pass Punch and Unlimited are prepaid tickets in SAS Plus. They are our most beneficial options if you and your colleagues travel frequently between two destinations or in a predefined zone.

About the products

Travel Pass Punch card

Travel Pass Punch is available for personal or shared use. To fly more sustainable an option with approx. 50% Biofuel included is available. Choose between 20, 40, 60, 100 or 200 punches.

The punch card can be used between two destinations or in a predefined zone.

  • 20 or 40 punches. For personal or shared use. Card for personal use qualifies the traveler for EuroBonus Silver

  • 60 punches. For personal or shared use. Card for personal use qualifies the traveler for EuroBonus Gold

  • 100 or 200 punches. For shared use only

The punches are valid for 12 months.

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Travel Pass Unlimited

Travel Pass Unlimited gives you the freedom of unlimited travel between two destinations or within a predefined zone. It is a personal travel pass and can't be shared. It's available for 6 or 12 months.

Card holders qualify for EuroBonus Gold or Diamond tier level.

  • 6 months qualifies you for EuroBonus Gold

  • 12 months qualifies you for EuroBonus Diamond

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First time user

After purchasing your Travel Pass, you will receive an email with your SAS Travel Pass number.

  • Log in and add your Travel Pass number to your profile.

  • To make Travel Pass visible in SAS App, log out and log in again.

How to book

You can book on our website, in SAS App or through your travel agent.

The travel manager can book Travel Pass Punch tickets on behalf of others.

Terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions

Benefits of Travel Pass

A note regarding the Give Away Membership benefit: you still will have to travel the number of trips corresponding to your EuroBonus level before you can access the benefit of giving away a free membership. Example: if you buy a Travel Pass that makes you eligible for a EuroBonus Gold card you will need to travel 45 legs/earn 45 000 points (the number of trips/points to become a Gold member) before you can give away a free Silver membership to a family member or friend.

Read more about the different Eurobonus levels and benefits here. Read more about the terms and conditions for give away membership here.

Access reports and statistics on your business travel through “My Travel Pass” in your profile. See statistics of completed trips and access your travel receipts. If you are a travel manager, you will also find a list of the travelers connected to your Travel Pass. Reports can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Destinations and zones



  • 北欧各国首都(哥本哈根、奥斯陆、斯德哥尔摩和赫尔辛基)

  • 斯堪的纳维亚各国首都(哥本哈根、奥斯陆和斯德哥尔摩)


  • 国内:哥本哈根、奥尔堡、奥胡斯、比隆和法罗群岛

  • 哥本哈根、奥尔堡、奥胡斯、比隆往返奥斯陆

  • 哥本哈根、奥尔堡、奥胡斯、比隆往返斯德哥尔摩

  • 哥本哈根往返德国(柏林、杜塞尔多夫、法兰克福、汉诺威、汉堡、慕尼黑和斯图加特)

  • 哥本哈根往返波兰(格但斯克、波兹南和华沙)

  • 哥本哈根往返西班牙(阿利坎特、马拉加、巴塞罗那和帕尔马)


  • 国内:奥勒松、阿尔塔、卑尔根、博多、埃文内斯(哈斯塔德/纳尔维克)、豪根桑德、希尔克内斯、克里斯蒂安桑、克里斯蒂安桑德、朗伊尔城、奥斯陆、斯塔万格、特罗姆瑟、特隆赫姆

  • 卑尔根、奥斯陆、斯塔万格、特隆赫姆往返哥本哈根

  • 卑尔根、斯塔万格、特隆赫姆往返斯德哥尔摩

  • 挪威南部(奥勒松、卑尔根、豪根桑德、克里斯蒂安桑、克里斯蒂安桑德、奥斯陆、斯塔万格、特隆赫姆)

  • 奥斯陆往返挪威南部(奥勒松、豪根桑德、克里斯蒂安桑和克里斯蒂安桑德)

  • 奥斯陆往返博多和埃文内斯(哈斯塔德/纳尔维克)

  • 奥斯陆往返阿尔塔、希尔克内斯和特罗姆瑟

  • 奥斯陆往返特隆赫姆、卑尔根和斯塔万格

  • 奥斯陆往返德国(柏林、杜塞尔多夫、法兰克福、汉诺威、汉堡、慕尼黑和斯图加特)

  • 奥斯陆往返西班牙(阿利坎特、马拉加、巴塞罗那和帕尔马)

  • 奥斯陆、斯塔万格往返阿伯丁

  • 奥斯陆往返苏黎世和日内瓦

  • 法罗群岛往返奥斯陆、卑尔根、斯塔万格、特隆赫姆和豪根桑德


  • 安格赫尔姆、哥德堡、马尔默、龙讷比、维斯比往返基律纳、吕勒奥、厄斯特松德、松兹瓦尔、谢莱夫特奥和于默奥

  • 斯德哥尔摩往返安格赫尔姆、哥德堡、基律纳、吕勒奥、马尔默、厄斯特松德、龙讷比、松兹瓦尔、谢莱夫特奥、于默奥和维斯比

  • 斯德哥尔摩往返马尔摩和龙讷比

  • 斯德哥尔摩往返安格赫尔姆和马尔默

  • 斯德哥尔摩往返德国(柏林、杜塞尔多夫、法兰克福、汉诺威、汉堡、慕尼黑和斯图加特)

  • 斯德哥尔摩往返西班牙(阿利坎特、马拉加、巴塞罗那和帕尔马)

  • 哥德堡往返西班牙(阿利坎特、马拉加、巴塞罗那和帕尔马)


  • 图尔库往返斯堪的纳维亚各国首都(哥本哈根、奥斯陆和斯德哥尔摩)

Here we list all the destinations you can travel to with your prepaid Travel Pass.

To/from Denmark

  • Copenhagen to/from Aalborg, Aarhus, Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Billund, Birmingham, Brussels, Gothenburg, Helsinki, London, Manchester, Nice, Paris or Vilnius

To/from Norway

  • Alta to/from Tromso

  • Bergen to/from Copenhagen, Stavanger or Trondheim

  • Kristiansand to/from Copenhagen

  • Oslo to/from Alesund, Alta, Bergen, Bodo, Brussels, Copenhagen, Evenes (Harstad/Narvik), Longyearbyen, Haugesund, Helsinki, Kirkenes, Kristiansand, Kristiansund, London, Nice, Paris, Stavanger, Stockholm, Tromso or Trondheim

  • Stavanger to/from Bergen, Copenhagen or Trondheim

  • Tromso to/from Bodo or Longyearbyen

  • Trondheim to/from Bodo

  • Trondheim from/to Tromso

To/from Finland

  • Helsinki to/from Copenhagen, Oslo or Stockholm

  • Turku to/from Stockholm

  • Vaasa to/from Stockholm

To/from Sweden

  • Gothenburg to/from Copenhagen or Stockholm

  • Stockholm to/from Bergen, Brussels, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Kiruna, London, Lulea, Manchester, Ostersund, Oslo, Nice, Paris, Ronneby, Skelleftea, Sundsvall, Tallinn, Umea, Vilnius or Visby