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Sports trips

Sports trips

We offer sports travel packages at competitive prices for individuals and groups. To enjoy our special sports fares, you need to be a member of a sports team affiliated with a Scandinavian Confederation of Sports and your trip should be sport-related. All you need to do is use the unique code that your association/club gets when you become a SAS sports client through SAS Credits.


How it works

If your organization or club is affiliated with a Scandinavian Confederation of Sports and is a member of the SAS Corporate program, you can book customized sports packages at an great price.

  • Both individuals and groups (of at least 10 people) can book sports trips. 

  • Prices apply for domestic travel in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and to destinations in Scandinavia and Europe. In some cases, if you're traveling individually, you can also get special sports rates on trips to the US and Asia. 

  • You can bring two pieces of baggage. If you're traveling in a group, each person can bring one bag and one item of sports equipment.

  • You can change the names on your tickets up to 1 hour before departure at no extra cost.*

  • You can earn EuroBonus points.

  • Your club/association also earns SAS Credits on each trip.

* To change names on a group sports trip, call the SAS Group Travel Department.  


Already a SAS Corporate Program member?

Become a sports client

We offer special fares to individuals and groups in clubs and on teams affiliated with a Scandinavian Confederation of Sports for travel to training camps, competitions and official sports-related meetings.

  • To book a sports trip, your club must be a sports client of SAS and a member of the SAS Corporate program.

Individual sports trips

To book an individual sports trip, you need to provide the unique code (CMP) your club/association received when it became a SAS sports client.



The price of a group sports trip may be higher than for an individual sports trip, but you enjoy much more flexibility. 

Contact us with your request and we'll get back with a proposal. Keep in mind that prices are lower if you avoid traveling during popular times such as weekdays from 6:00 to 8:00 and 15:00 to 18:00. 

Requests for group sports trips

Special baggage

If you're traveling with sports equipment, you may need to register it as special baggage. If you're traveling in a group with several pieces of special baggage, you have to register the baggage before departure, either on our website or through your tour operator. 

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