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    • Point types

      As a EuroBonus member you collect Basic points and Extra points. Your points can be used for new flights, hotel stays, flight upgrades or shopping in our EuroBonus shop.

      Earn your points by flying, driving, staying at hotels and shopping. Use your points for more flights, hotels and shopping.

      Your EuroBonus points are valid between 4–5 years. They expire at the end of the month when you first created your EuroBonus account. It is also possible to earn Status points that help you reach the next membership level.

      Basic vs Extra points

      • Basic points
      • Extra points
      • Status points

      Earn points

      Learn how to earn points in your everyday life to get yourself to your next adventure.

      Explore our partners

      Use points

      Use your points for new flights, hotels and upgrades. Discover offers from our partners and start spending your points.

      Explore our partners

      Share the fun – share your points

      Join a Point Sharing group and start collecting points together with friends and family to reach your goals faster together.

      More about Point Sharing