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Earn points

  • You earn Basic points on selected flights (due to Norwegian Government regulations) as shown in table below. All other booking classes are excluded.
  • Basic points can be used to level up to higher membership levels and towards award flights and other rewards.
  • The principle is simple: the more you spend, the more points you earn.
  • Log in before you book so your details will be added automatically.
  • Gold and Diamond members earn an additional 25% Basic points on top of regular Basic point earnings. 
  Full Flex Flex Economy Economy Light
Points 1 000 750  250 100
Classes C, D, Z J, Y, S, B, P, A E, M, H, Q, W, U,
K, L, T, O, V, G
E, M, H, Q, W, U,
K, L, T, O, V, G

Spend points

  • You or another traveler can spend points in all service classes on selected flights (due to Norwegian Government regulations).
  • Book bonus trips or regular tickets for points (with the option to pay with Points + Money), one-way or round-trip in all service classes.

Claim missing points

If you forget to register your EuroBonus number when you fly, buy or stay, you have six months to claim them.