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Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways


Earn points

  • You earn Extra points on selected flights operated by Etihad Airways between Abu Dhabi and Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Milan, Rome and Zurich as shown below. No points are earned on charter or cargo flights.
  • Extra points can be used for award trips and other rewards.
  • The principle is simple: the more you fly, the more points you earn.
  • Just use your EuroBonus number when you book.
  First Business Economy
Points fr. 1 250 fr. 565 fr. 125
Classes P (400%)
A, F (275%)
J (200%)
C, D (175%)
W (130%)
Z (125%) 
B, Y (100%)
H, K, M, Q (75%)
E, G, L, U, V  (50%)
T (25%) 

Use points

  • Use points on award trips to selected destinations operated by Etihad Airways between Scandinavia/Europe and Abu Dhabi via Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, Geneva, London, Milan, Rome and Zurich.
  • Book award trips up to departure by contacting Member Services.
  • Round-trips only, but you can book one-way trips for the same price as for a round-trip award trip.
  First Business Economy Taxes & fees
To/from Scandinavia & Abu Dhabi 300 000 points 200 000 points 100 000 points fr.
To/from Europe & Abu Dhabi 250 000 points 150 000 points 70 000 points fr.

Taxes & fees apply per person in addition to the points required and they vary by route.

Claim missing points

If you forget to register your EuroBonus number when you fly, buy or stay, you have six months to claim them.