Check in

Check in quickly and easily

We always do everything we can to make your travel as smooth and easy as possible. This is why we offer many ways to check in for your flight. The fastest and easiest way to check in is online so you have more time to spend on fun things like enjoying a meal or shopping.

Check in online

We offer online check-in to and from most destinations. Check-in opens 22 hours before departure.


  • You can check in online and choose your seat from 22 hours before departure up until 1 hour before departure. Just use your booking reference.  

Online check-in is not available for flights from: Alanya, Cagliari, Chambery, Florence, Gazipasa, Ibiza, Lanzarote, Napoli, Olbia, Ovda, Pisa, Pula, Tenerife. For these flights you need to check in at the airport.

On your phone

Check in on the go quickly and easily on your phone.

  • You can check in on your mobile phone and select your seat on all SAS and Wideroe flights from 22 hours before departure up to 1 hour before departure.
  • You can check in using the SAS App for Android and iPhone, on our website or by using our text messaging service.
  • If you're checking in baggage, you can tag your bags at a SAS Self-Service Kiosk at the airport.

At a Self-service kiosk

Skip the lines and check in at a Self-Service kiosk where you can also: 

  • Choose your seat
  • Print bag tags
  • Print your boarding pass
  • Pay for extra baggage (if you didn't pay when booking or checking in online)
  • Add your EuroBonus number
  • Change your seat
  • Rebook your ticket (if included in your ticket)
  • Register extra information required for travel to the US and Great Britain

At the check-in counter

If you'd like personal service, you're welcome to use our check-in counter to check in and drop off your bags.

  • Unaccompanied minors and people traveling with animals must check in at a counter at the airport.
  • If you're traveling internationally in SAS Go or traveling on a domestic flight, please check in online, on your phone or at a kiosk at the airport.

Priority check-in 

If you’d like personal service, you are welcome to use our Priority check-in counter to check-in and drop off your bags. Using priority check-in counters will help you save time compared to our other check-in counters at the airports. Look for our Priority check-in counters at all airports where SAS operates.

Priority check-in is offered when traveling in SAS Business and SAS Plus. We also offer Priority check-in to our EuroBonus Gold- and Diamond members and Star Alliance Gold Card holders, when departing on SAS or on a Star Alliance carrier operated flight from the local airport (not valid for SAS Charter flights). In addition, EuroBonus Silver members can use this service all year round when flying with SAS. Remember that your EuroBonus membership number must be registered on the trip to be able to use your benefit.

We ask you to have your membership card available when entering the Priority area.

Check-in and boarding deadlines

To make your trip as comfortable and stress-free as possible, it's a good idea to get to the airport in good time before your flight. 

  • You have to check in at least 30 minutes before departure to give you time to pass through security. You also have to be at the gate 20 minutes before departure. 
  • If you’re traveling to the US it is important to arrive to the airport well in advance of your departure, as you will need extra time to check-in and for security screening. This is due to additional regulations from US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) affecting all departures to the US from October 26th 2017, where all airlines globally must adhere to the same regulations. This also affects transfer passengers.
  • If you're traveling to the US or Asia, you have to check in at least 60 minutes before departure and you have to be at the gate 25 minutes before departure.
  • Even if you've pre-booked your seat, you need to adhere to our check-in deadlines to make sure you get the seat you've selected.

Boarding pass

Traveling on SAS is getting smoother and easier. And sometimes you don't even need a boarding pass.  

Digital boarding pass

Make your travel even smoother. With a digital boarding pass, all you need is your phone.

  • You can get a digital boarding pass on your phone when you check in using the SAS App, text messaging or online.  
  • Just show it at security, duty-free stores, SAS Lounges and at the gate.


The boarding deadline for your flight depends on where you're traveling. But it's always a good idea to get to the gate early so you don't have to rush.

For domestic flights and flights within Europe, boarding starts 20 minutes before departure. For trips to/from destinations outside of Europe, boarding starts about 40 minutes before departure. 

Priority boarding

Priority Boarding is a service that allows passengers to skip the queue and board the airplane more quickly and smoothly. With Priority Boarding you will be among the first to get on board and can ensure that your carry-on baggage can be stowed away easily and without stress. An announcement at the gate will inform when it is time for Priority boarding. SAS is using zone boarding, so you can also check your boarding pass for your specific boarding group that indicates when it’s your time to board. If you are eligible for Priority boarding you boarding pass will be marked with boarding group "A and B" on short haul flights, and boarding zone "A, B and C" on long haul flights.


Starting 4 June 2019 SAS allows SAS EuroBonus Gold and Diamond members to bring one friend or up to four immediate family members (spouse/partner/parents and children), through SAS Priority Boarding at the gate. This applies when the guest or family member are traveling in the same booking (PNR) as the cardholder. The guests’ boarding pass will automatically be upgraded to boarding zone A, which is eligible for priority boarding.

Check in options at the airport 

Take advantage of different check in options at airports outside of Scandinavia. Below you will find a list of which check in options are available at our different destinations.