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Get ready to travel during Corona

The safety of our travelers and staff is always our highest priority. In these days with travel restrictions it is also important to get yourself ready to travel. Therefore we offer a new digital service, SAS Travel Ready Center.

SAS has since the beginning of the Corona outbreak taken a number of measures to ensure your safety and well-being onboard. Now we make it easier for you to keep track of updated travel restrictions and digitally prepare all necessary documents before check-in. To make sure your travel planning goes smoothly we offer a new online service, SAS Travel Ready Center, that makes check-in to selected destinations an easy and smooth process. Instead of going to the airport to get all documents approved manually with the risk of long queues, we do it for you online. It's faster and you can be sure that you are ready for take off when it's time to go to the airport. Firstly, check updated Corona requirements for your destination. Secondly, upload the required documents and get them approved online by SAS. After approval you can check in and retrieve you boarding card. All self service flows e.g. bag drop will be open as normal!

Follow the general recommendations and stay home if you feel sick

  • We work closely with the authorities in all Scandinavian countries, as well as international authorities and regulators. We recommend that you always follow the general recommendations set by health authorities in your country.

    • cl--check-circle Stay home if you feel sick
    • cl--check-circle Wash your hands frequently
    • cl--check-circle Keep social distancing
    • cl--check-circle Follow the guidelines set by local health authorities

Before your trip

  • You can do a lot to prepare for your trip. Our digital self-service solutions saves time and help reduce contact at the airport.

    • cl--check-circle Stay home if you feel sick
    • cl--check-circle Ensure that you meet the necessary requirements to enter your final destination and country where you have a connecting flight
    • cl--check-circle Get travel ready at home; pre-process your corona related travel documents and check-in online
    • cl--check-circle Purchase your face masks before leaving for the airport – homemade masks or masks made of cloth are not allowed. Please note that you have to change face mask at least every 4 hour and that you need face masks for the whole length of you trip

SAS Travel Ready Center – Upload travel documents before your trip

In our new Travel Ready Center, you can find up-to-date travel restrictions for your destination and upload required covid-19 related travel documents. We will review uploaded travel documents and clear passengers for travel. Once approved, you can download your boarding card electronically. No need for manual processing at the airport – all self-service flows will be open.

Travel news and restrictions

Here we have collected important information regarding booking, refund rules, entry restrictions and travel certificates. Please make sure to keep yourself updated since entry restrictions may change on short notice. As a traveler you are responsible for making sure you meet the necessary requirements to enter your destination, before leaving for the airport. For guidance, please consult with government bodies, such as the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Face mask requirements

We require you to bring your own face mask, which covers both nose and mouth. SAS approves facemasks that are manufactured and intended for medical use, or of a similar standard. Homemade masks or masks made of cloth are not allowed. A face mask is required during the entire flight, from boarding to disembarkation. This applies to all of our flights. Children younger than 6 years are exempted from this rule. A face mask is only valid for four hours. This means you will have to bring as many face masks as you need during your travel. Remember that you might need an extra mask upon arrival. SAS also strongly recommend all customers to read the requirements of wearing a face mask at airports when traveling.

Coronavirus testing

Are you planning to travel and need a certificate proving you are fit to travel? Some countries require a negative corona test result (PCR-tests or a rapid antigen tests) and a medical certificate before you can board the aircraft or to enter the country. Some countries require it for transit as well. To ensure easy access to testing services at a discounted price we have partnered with the healthcare service companies Doktor24, Volvat, Vaccina and Qured. Here you can read more about different testing services for travel certificates.

At the airport

  • We have implemented several measures at the airport to ensure a safe journey for you. But you can also do a lot yourself. You should always follow the instructions given by our staff – they are here for your safety.

    • cl--check-circle Get travel ready at home; pre-process your corona related travel documents and check-in online
    • cl--check-circle Arrive well ahead of scheduled departure time
    • cl--check-circle New routines and an updated food and beverage offering in the lounges that are open to minimize interactions, and extended cleaning procedures have been implemented
    • cl--check-circle We have updated our boarding procedure to better facilitate social distancing
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    Boarding procedure

    The boarding procedures have been adjusted to better enable social distancing. We require you to follow the instructions given by the gate staff. You should only start boarding when your zone is called out. You will be required to put on your face mask before boarding.
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    Social distancing at the airport

    Do everything you can to keep social distancing at the airport. Keep distance in queues at check-in, security and at the gate.

On board your flight

  • The air on board your flight is kept clean using modern and highly efficient air filters, and we have adjusted our service concept to reduce contact.

    • cl--check-circle We do our best to seat travelers across the cabin, to create as much distance as possible
    • cl--check-circle Our cabin crew wears protective face masks on board
    • cl--check-circle You are required to use a face mask covering mouth and nose during the entire flight, from boarding to disembarkation
    • cl--check-circle Our aircraft are equipped with HEPA air filters to keep the air clean
    • cl--check-circle All aircraft are cleaned and disinfected according to EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) regulations
    • cl--check-circle All non-essential loose items have been removed from the seat pocket
    • cl--check-circle The meal service is adjusted on our flights to reduce contact
    • cl--check-circle Hand luggage is limited to one piece per traveler – see FAQ below
  • cl--info

    The air on board

    Almost all our aircraft are equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters that are capable of capturing up to 99.97% of microbes, like viruses and bacteria, ensuring a high air quality. The air on board is exchanged every 2-3 minutes. The air on board is pressed down from the ceiling to the floor. This makes it difficult for droplets to spread, as the air flow makes droplets immediately fall to the floor immediately. All our Airbus and Boeing aircraft are equipped with HEPA filters. Flights operated with ATR aircraft has another type of air filter on board, which ensures a continuous flow of fresh air to the cabin.