Norway tourism

Norway tourism
The spectacular scenery of Norway has long held an allure for travellers. Together with a rich cultural heritage and charming contemporary cities, there are few more welcoming and beautiful destinations.

Norway has some of the most dramatic and awe-inspiring natural formations in the world. Precipitous mountains plunge from ice blue skies hundreds of feet high into deep blue fjords, while glaciers formed during the Ice Age are a reminder of our constantly evolving planet. In the far north, the majestic Geirangerfjord has received UNESCO World Heritage status, while the Sognefjord in the central region is the longest in the country. Travelling on a cruise is one of the best ways to experience the incredible scenery. When driving the hairpin roads, sweeping vistas can be found at various viewpoints. For the active-minded, there are a range of hiking, kayaking, fishing, rafting and skiing options offering the chance to get up close to nature.

The natural beauty of Norway lies along the coast as well as inland, with top spots including the southern Norway archipelago, with its sunny, rocky shores and picturesque lighthouses and the coast road between Mandal and Hafrsfjord.

There is more to Norway than just adventure tourism and unforgettable landscapes. The country is famed for its friendly people and a welcoming destination for singles, couples and families alike. The cities offer a great balance between urban comforts and access to the countryside, with top attractions in Oslo including the Opera House, Viking Ship Museum and 80-acre Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park. Bergen, on the west coast, is the second-largest city, Norway’s original capital and known as the “gateway to the fjords” for its superb location. The city itself has a wealth of attractions, including the only funicular in Scandinavia and a vibrant UNESCO-protected harbour.

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