Buy gift cards and pay with your points

Buy gift cards and pay with your points, starting at 3000 points!

EuroBonus partnership with gives you the opportunity to use your points for gift cards from many different restaurants, chain stores and entertainment parks in Scandinavia and Finland. Members worldwide can order gift cards, but the gift cards can only be used with merchants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Click here to see what gifts Cards you can chose from in; Sweden, NorwayDenmark, Finland

Shipping is included in the point price for addresses in Scandinavia and Finland.

Gift cards are available in various denominations starting at 3000 points.


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Ordering your gift card is easy

Choose the country you want your gift card to be valid for. As an example, for Gifts Cards in Denmark you click on the above link for Denmark.

Login to your account and select the amount for your gift card.

An e-mail with a code will be sent to you instantly. You can then register your unique code on PresentkortTorget and order the gift card of your choice. Your gift card will be sent to you by post 2-3 days after your registration.

You may cancel your purchase of the gift card up to 14 days after the order has been made, by contacting or via phone: +46-8-243 202. When the value code has been cancelled your points will be returned to your account. Expired points will not be returned.


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