Flights to Turku

Flights to Turku

The right travel arrangements

When you book flights to Turku, you want efficient and reliable travel arrangements. You don’t want to spend time dealing with issues that divert you from the purpose of your trip, whether leisure or business.

SAS understands this. Its high-quality service removes all the hard work from flying and makes your flights an absolute pleasure.


Choose SAS for your flights to Turku and choose from SAS Go or SAS Plus. Both offer you relaxing and trouble-free journey with a superb level of service. With SAS Go and SAS Plus, you can book your flights and seats online. You can also use the SAS Internet check-in service or SMS check-in. SAS includes these features in the price of your ticket. There are no hidden extras.

You can also plan what you want to take with you to Turku without worrying about baggage restrictions and extra payments thanks to a free 23 kg baggage allowance.

Upgrade to SAS Plus and enjoy additional services. These include a penalty-free opportunity to change your flights if something comes up at the last moment and a full refund for cancellations. You can also enjoy Fast Track security where available, an inflight meal box, complimentary beverages and 150% Basic EuroBonus points.

Cheap international flight tickets to Turku can be booked on from many destinations around the world.


Travelling on business? Choose SAS Business for your flights to Turku. Once you arrive at the airport you can benefit from security fast tracking, where available, and then wait for your flight in a quiet and relaxing lounge. There’s no better way to start your journey.

Onboard, SAS pampers you with one of the most comfortable seats in the air. This complements an excellent three-course meal and drinks. Travel in SAS Business to earn 200% Basic points with the EuroBonus frequent flyer programme.

If have to change your flight, you can do so for free. SAS will also give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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Don't miss out. Book SAS flights to Turku and enjoy the best leisure or business travel experience you'll ever have.

What's up in Turku

River boats
Walk along the river of Aura and make your pick mong the
restaurant boats.
Oldest rock festival in the world in early July.
River cruise
Take a tour along the river or explore the archipelago.
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Turku tourism

Region Åboland Transport Airport Weather
Crew tip Passenger tip Passenger tip
Kirjakahvila Bok Cafe
Vanha Suurtori 1

Tel.: +358 2 469 1396

This culture cafe and bookshop runned by volunteers located in the historical Old Great Square. They have postcards and poster made by local artists for sale. Open from 11am to 7pm Monday to Friday, but there is often live acoustic music or other cultural events in the evening.
Mariana, ground crew
Turku Castle

Turku Castle, dating back to the 1280, is the largest surviving medieval building in Finland and one of the largest surviving medieval castles in the Nordic region. A nice day trip for the family.

Christmas City

Christmas is a serious thing in Finland, the homeland of Santa Claus. There are a lot of things to do here around Christmas, some quite commercial, but others more genuine. Good activities for the children as well.

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