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Flights to Norway
Famous for its tranquil fjords, stunning mountains and unspoiled woodland, Norway is one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern Europe.

The country is home to a wide range of attractions that cater for all tastes, and has a lot to offer fans of the great outdoors. Thrill seekers can indulge in a spot of skiing, snowboarding, canoeing, rafting, rock climbing and even glacier walking, while activities such as hiking, sailing and fishing are available for those looking for a more serene experience. On top of that, Norway boasts a variety of historic towns and cities where you can sample the country's rich culture and traditional cuisine.

Most international flights to Norway land in the capital city of Oslo, but the country is also served by a number of other international airports:

  • Bergen
  • Kristiansand
  • Moss
  • Sandefjord
  • Trondheim
  • Tromsø

The country also has plenty of smaller regional airports, which means that you can reach almost anywhere in Norway by transferring onto a domestic flight with SAS at one of the country’s major terminals.

Once there, you’ll be spoiled by the choice of places to go and things to do. Oslo is the most popular city in the country and with good reason. Culture lovers can enjoy the Viking ships housed in the Vikingskiphuset, Kon-Tiki Museum, Edvard Munch Museum, and the artistic wonders found in the Vigeland Sculpture Park.

The city also boasts a busy nightlife, with key attractions being the Opera House, Herr Nilsen Jazzklubb, and the popular Fuglen cocktail bar. On top of that, Oslo is also home to some of the best restaurants in Norway, which offer a selection of traditional and international cuisine.

Outside the capital, the cities of Bergen, Stavanger, Tromsø, and Trondheim are also extremely popular, with the latter being home to the stunning Nidaros Cathedral – the largest medieval stone building in northern Europe.

Despite the attractions of Norway’s towns and cities, most people are drawn to the countryside to experience the stunning landscapes, and the wide variety of outdoor pursuits on offer.

If you want to take to the slopes, Norway’s most popular ski resorts are found in Hemsedal and Trysil. Both are located in southern Norway, as are most of the country’s other skiing hotspots.

However, if you're planning a holiday in northern Norway, ski slopes can also be found at Tromsø, Lofoten and Narvik, so you're never too far from the piste.

If you want to experience the majesty of the fjords, the vast majority are located in the western and northern parts of the country. However, if you're visiting southern Norway, there are large fjords located near a few of the major cities – the Oslofjord south of the capital, Boknafjord north of Stavanger and Hardangerfjord south of Bergen.

The fjords truly are a sight to behold and any Norwegian holiday would be incomplete without a glimpse of these ancient glacial inlets.


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