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Experience the views of Helsinki!
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La Petite Maison
Classic French cuisine in the middle of Helsinki - enjoy your meal!

Secco Shop
The treasures of wasteland! Try out Secco's new style and shop til you drop!

Looking for something different to wear? Give Lux a try!

Design District Helsinki
Whether you're looking for clothing, cool interiors or antiques, you'll find it here! Check out the Design District!

You can finally buy something for your sense of smell - it deserves to be spoiled! The Japanese-Finnish fusion Lisn makes it hard to leave.

Enjoy Oslo

Rent a party guide
How bizarre can it get with BizarreOne? Don't ask us - ask them!

Skating in the city center
With a couple of friends to join you, the fun increases infinitely!

Sauna Island
When you think of Finland, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Love it or hate it, it's likely sauna.

Tales of Denmark in Finland?
Ateneum Art Museum will tell you more.

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