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New in the old
Restaurant Nouveau is a newly
 opened eatery in one of the oldest secions of Copenhagen.

Silent biking
Vivacykler gives you a high-class
 bike that comes in both a modern design and a cool vintage style.

Sit on the lobster
Lovers of fine interior
 design will want to get their claws on a Lobster, a brand-new lounge chair.

Modern butler service
While you kick back, Frauhaus will handle the mundane chores and tasks of daily life for you.

Dine with the Danes
Enjoy a typical danish dinner in a typcal Danish house or apartment. The a little differend way of getting to know the Danes.

Tivoli in Copenhagen

Fit for a king
You'll find Avalon Spa at Hotel Kong Arthur. Get pampered and exercise your mind and body.

Gourmet Palace
Moorish architecture and and more than 150 years of history await you at Nimb.

Pampering the boys
Maybe you wont look like George
 Clooney, but you will feel like it when you walk out of Klinik Tobias.

Current and future
Modström has opened its flagship store on Strøget!

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