Cheap flights to Sweden with SAS

Cheap flights to Sweden

Sweden is truly one of Europe's most breathtaking nations, a true gem. However, many prospective travellers may overlook this Scandinavian treasure when planning a vacation or holiday. Given its proximity to the UK, potential tourists should not dismiss it as a getaway option since SAS offers a number of affordable flights there.

Sweden's capital Stockholm is considered one of Scandinavia's, if not Europe's, most interesting cities. It has a bevy of options that will appeal to virtually any tourist demographic. The city has a long and storied history. Chartered in the middle of the 13th century, it is Sweden's largest city and has played an important role in world history, particularly after the 17th century, when Sweden emerged as a player on the world stage.

For those who are interested in the cultural side of things, it is in the home of three UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

Stockholm is associated with a number of important literary figures, including Carl Michael Bellman, August Strindberg, Hjalmar Söderberg, Eyvind Johnson, Evert Taube, and Per Anders Fogelström.

Stockholm is also home to a multitude of art galleries and museums. The art galleries include:

This is not to mention the very large number of smaller galleries, including commercial ones. All in all, Stockholm has one the most vibrant art scenes around.

No less important are the many museums that the city has. They include:

Of particular importance is the National Museum. It dates back to the 16th century and is home to over 16 000 paintings and 30 000 objects of art handicraft.

If you are looking for a holiday experience that is less urban and more rustic, then Sweden certainly has a lot to offer you as well. Its natural beauty makes it the perfect place to try any number of sports including skiing, hiking, camping, biking, boating, kayaking; and that is just to name a few. The landscape of the country is spectacularly breathtaking and one of the most beautiful in world.

While it is easy to list all that there is to do on a holiday to Sweden, perhaps the most important point that a potential tourist needs to keep in mind is the ease with which one can travel there. There are a number of cheap flight options that will take you to and from Sweden. As its name rightly indicates, SAS specializes in flying people to Sweden. With the large number of flights leaving major airports in the UK, travellers will easily find one that fits their schedules. Moreover, SAS offers great deals for cost-conscious travellers.

Don't hesitate in booking cheap flights to Sweden with SAS. With cheap flights readily available with us, you can be in Sweden and enjoying yourself within a matter of hours.

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