Cheap flights to Norway

Cheap flights to Norway

For people looking to escape the harsh reality of the cities and lose themselves in the lushness of nature, visiting Norway is the perfect solution. Norway, which is famous for its fjords, has many beautiful natural attractions to boast of and the fjords are just the beginning. Hiking is the best way to experience the natural beauty. Trekking the beautiful lush green mountains of Norway is a treat for every soul. There are very well maintained and clearly marked trails are displayed ut for the benefit of tourists. Various hiking routes are available to make the trip to Norway an enriching experience. In addition, Norway is the perfect amalgamation of the mountains and the sea. The beautiful coastline of Norway gives birth to a surreal feeling in a person.

Norway’s main airport is Oslo and it is very well connected with the rest of the world. Other major airports include:

  • Stavanger
  • Bergen
  • Haugesund
  • Kristiansand
  • Kristiansund
  • Moss
  • Sandefjord
  • Trondheim
  • Tromsø

These airports are connected by SAS from UK through London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Humberside (starts 28 October), Aberdeen and Edinburgh. Flying to Norway is an easy task. One of Norway's specialties is the wilderness of the place and the untamed look that the natural beauty of nature provides. It's a trip back to nature in the truest sense of the phrase. SAS offers direct flights from London Heathrow to Oslo and Stavanger, from Manchester to Oslo and Bergen, while partner airline Widerøe offers connections from Aberdeen to Bergen and Stavanger and from Newcastle to Stavanger.

The fjords of Norway make it one of the best rated tourist places in the world. They contribute to the scenic beauty on a completely different level. The deep gulf separating the valley and the sea is a breathtaking view and it makes the visit to Norway a very enriching experience. Touring the fjords is best done on a cruise, and this experience is made available to you in a very easy and smooth manner. The tourism setup in Norway makes sure that you have a comfortable and yet stimulating experience. Another place worth booking a cheap flight to Norway would be the Trollstigen Mountain near Ålesund. Open from the middle of May to the month of September, it is one of the main attractions, which draws hundreds of tourists to enjoy this experience.

Trollvegen mountain wall, Geirangerfjord and Ålesund are just a few attractions in Norway worth visiting. Booking cheap flights to Norway ensures a richer experience in the beauty of the place. The most affordable way of exploring Norway is by taking a cruise, which is both economical as well as beautiful. Travelling is not just a matter of transporting oneself from one place to another. It is also about having an experience, which would be enriching for the body, mind and soul. The Norwegian modes of travelling are quite effective that way, as they are both affordable as well as comfortable. Their regularity and top class service makes the experience worthwhile. So book cheap flights to Norway and have the experience of a lifetime.


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