Upgrade to SAS Plus or SAS Business
- Terms and conditions

News about SAS Confirmed upgrade!
  • By April 25, a new and improved SAS Upgrade service will be launched.
  • Until April 24 you are welcome to submit a request for departures before and on April 26 will be processed.
  • Starting from April 25 you are welcome to use the new solution and will be accessible via the SAS site.
Note! If your flight is scheduled starting April 27 your request in the old system will not be handled.

Request confirmed upgrade for points on SAS Intercontinental flights

  • Login is required and the form is available under My EuroBonus.
  • On any scheduled Intercontinental flights operated by SAS.
  • Request can be made 30 days prior to departure flight.
  • Request can be made up until 55 hours prior the flight's local departure time.
  • The number of seats available for upgrade is restricted.
  • You will receive notice 24h prior to departure whether your request was confirmed or not.
  • If your upgrade is confirmed, points will be deducted from the account 48-24 hours prior to departure. At that time sufficient  number of valid points must be available.
  • If you cancel or rebook your trip before your request for upgrade have been processed (usually 48-24 hours prior to departure) no points will have been deducted.
  • If you cancel or rebook your trip after your request of upgrade has been fulfilled, EuroBonus points will not be refunded.
  • If the points have expired before the time of deduction( at the time of flight), the expired points will not be used.
  • Upgrade is available for family and friends, even if the member paying with points is not one of the travelers.
  • Points will be deducted from the requesting EuroBonus member for all passengers in reservation*.
  • The original ticketed class applies as basis for point accrual.
  • Points accrued will be EuroBonus points. When upgraded you will not be able to accrue points on other frequent traveler programs even if that membership number is assigned to your original reservation.
  • Only applicable for SAS operated flights when travelling on a ticketed 117-document.
  • Upgrade not possible if travel originally booked in N or G-class.
  • Upgrade not possible on award travel (X and I-class), charter flights or Travel Industry Discount Fares.
  • Request for an upgrade cannot be cancelled.
  • If upgraded to SAS Plus or SAS Business, Check- in and Fast Track is included at the departure airport of the Intercontinental flight.
  • If upgraded to SAS Business, lounge access is included at the departure airport of the Intercontinental flight.
  • Baggage allowance will be applied as originally booked.

* If not all passengers in the same reservation are to be upgraded, the passengers must have separate bookings numbers. Members is requested to contact the travel agent who issued the ticket for assistance.


Standby upgrade for points on SAS Intercontinental flights

  • Standby upgrade on scheduled flight operated by SAS can be used by member and accompanying family members or friends on the same flight.
  • The upgrade request should be made at check-in or at gate. Points will always be deducted at gate.
  • Upgrade is subject to space and meals being available in the upgraded class.
  • Members should make sure that they have sufficient points to use for the upgrade.
  • The standby upgrade do not entitle the bearer to any lounge access or extra baggage allowance.
  • The original ticketed class applies as basis for point accrual.
  • The standby upgrade is not available on charter flights, award trips or codeshare flights.
  • Please note that if you have ordered a special meal, observe that the original meal reserved
    will be served in the higher class.
  • Standby upgrade for passenger with infant is available subject to available seating and at no
    additional charge for the infant.

Remark! Standby upgrade decisions are made at the airport at the discretion of our station management on the day of each flight. For this reason, it is not possible to make any requests for standby upgrade in advance.


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